Luke reflects on his first 6 months working as a Design Development Engineer in a consultancy developing new products and medical devices…

Six months has passed since joining Haughton Design – and very quickly I might add! It feels like only yesterday when I made the decision that the time was right to move from my long-term design position of 6 years and search for a new venture. I’d always said that if a year went by where I felt like my career didn’t progress, then it was probably time to start looking. Thankfully, I took a gamble, and it quickly became apparent that it was the right move.

Admittedly there was a period of adjustment, especially around time management. Of course, planning out my week was not an alien concept to me, but due to the nature of now working in a consultancy and the tight deadlines we work to at Haughton Design, I’m having to learn to treat it with the customary finesse. The projects and the tasks within them are so varied that it’s easy to become too invested in the smaller details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Luckily, I see this as good practise to be more disciplined and feel this way of working certainly has its advantages, teaching you to become a more efficient design engineer.

I see the diversity of projects at Haughton Design as one of the biggest benefits to my career. In my previous position, although my day-to-day roles offered a decent amount of variety, the industry, products & manufacturing methods were ultimately the same. Thankfully, I’m now being exposed to a much wider range and as a result, I’m engaged and learning a great deal!

Reading back over the introductory blog I wrote 6 months ago, I’m grateful that my first impressions of the company still stand. The office is a conducive and productive working environment. There is a good blend of skilled development engineers, each from different disciplines and backgrounds, who are more than happy to support and lend you their time to overcome a challenge. The team functions like a well-oiled machine, even when the pressure is turned up at crunch time to meet an upcoming deadline.

Since starting, myself and the entire team have taken part in several high-quality training sessions based around materials, plastic injection moulding and human factors engineering. Up until this position, my experience with manufacturing processes has been predominantly based around those of metals, such as laser cutting, forming, stamping, casting, machining etc, so to be given the opportunity to deep dive into the world of plastic injection moulding, as well as other plastic manufacturing processes is a huge addition to my skillset.

During regular catch ups with our MD, I’ve been given the opportunity to identify subject areas I would like to focus on developing my knowledge in moving forward. This is a great opportunity for me to build upon my knowledge with patents and FEA, as well as developing in new areas such as electronics. I’m very much looking forward making progress with this!

I’m confident that my time at the company will continue to keep me challenged and engaged, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of the projects I’ve been working on come to life. I’m proud to be contributing to Haughton Design’s continued growth and success and I’m looking forward to what the future at HD has in store!

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Luke Brown - Design development Engineer at Haughton Design Luke Brown 23 February 2022


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Design Development Engineer

Luke graduated from Staffordshire University with a degree in Product Design and has since developed a broad range of skills from working in the HVAC & refrigeration industries to designing for sheet metal & fabrication. Luke has a keen interest in FEA and 3D CAD modelling as well as a strong knowledge of standards and patents – he is keen to contribute this experience to HD. Outside of work, Luke enjoys being creative be it through music or home improvements.

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