Last year, when we published our rundown of 2019 and what we expected from the upcoming year, we don’t think anyone expected anything quite like the 2020 we have all experienced! It has been an unprecedented year, with huge highs and massive lows felt by all. Rather than focus on only our own company-wide achievements, this year we wanted to focus on others too.

Although we will be entering 2021 still uncertain of what is to come, we can all end 2020 on a positive note by looking at the achievements of the global pharmaceutical industry. It has only been a short 9 months since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic on the 11th March, and yet we already have a vaccine – something that is nothing short of remarkable.

On a national level, the work of our fantastic NHS and its wider network, is something to be commended. At a time when the NHS is already stretched to unheard of levels, they took on a global pandemic in addition to an already struggling system, and for that we are all eternally grateful – a round of applause once a week barely seems enough.

As a company working in medical device development, we have felt only a small amount of pain in comparison to many others. After an extremely challenging start to the first national lockdown, having to navigate a new working pattern and environment, and feeling the effects of an inevitable downturn in work whilst clients all paused to adapt, we were very lucky for things to turn round quickly. We entered lockdown with a huge challenge ahead and left it on track to exceed our largest ever growth target, we have grown our team again, and increased client satisfaction too.

We are all quick to try and find some positives from this situation, few that there are, but it would be wrong of us to ignore the negatives. Whilst HD have been incredibly fortunate and lucky, we recognise others have been less fortunate. Many companies, employee’s and their families are feeling the effects of a terrible year, and as such, rather than do our usual gifting to clients and friends for this festive period, we will be donating to a local foodbank. Rising Brook foodbank work tirelessly each year to provide for the local community, this year they are needed more than ever. The Trussell Trust report that their network alone has donated 2600 food parcels a day since the start of the pandemic, with a child needing support every 34 seconds during the peak from April to September. Over the next week we will be collecting and taking a number of gifts to Rising Brook for them to provide with their food packages. Come January, when donations are typically low, but demand is high, we will be filling our cars up and donating food. The experience has been eye opening. It has made us realise how many things we take for granted each day, and how fast things can change for families during these unprecedented times.

An in-depth rundown of our highlights and successes this year seems insensitive given this year’s circumstances, so we urge everyone to focus on the successes we have all achieved on a national and global scale. Please also consider how those who are struggling as a result of COVID-19 can be helped too, you can find your local food bank here if you are UK based, or for international banks, click here.

A huge thank you for our incredible clients, employees and anyone who has entertained us for another year! We will always be grateful for the understanding and adaptability of both clients and our employees whilst we all navigated COVID-19, and continue to do so.

The HD offices close at 5:30PM on the 23rd December, and reopen at 8AM on the 4th January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – here’s to a better 2021!

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