Amidst another national lockdown, I’ve had a great and hugely insightful introductory week learning the ropes at HD.

I’ve had time to get to know my new colleagues, their roles and backgrounds and am looking forward to working with, contributing to, and learning from such a welcoming, versatile and multidisciplinary team.

The current 3-day, office based, 2-day, working from home weekly split has allowed me to understand the office dynamic as well as listen in on those impromptu (socially distanced) project discussions and feedback within the office. I really appreciate having this time based in the office despite current circumstances as I feel it has really helped me settle in and better understand the team’s day to day dynamic.

In addition, I’ve been able to sit in on a number of meetings both internally and, with clients enhancing my understanding of current projects as well as consider future projects with opportunity for me to feed into. I’ve even been assigned some of my own projects which I look forward to immersing myself in.

As well as having time to learn and understand the company’s systems, through a number of conversations with MD, David Mills, I have been able to learn about and further understand where my role lies within HD’s very transparent business plan as well as projection for moving forward as a business and, as a team. As a part of this, I really appreciate how supportive of further training that HD have been in encouraging me to keep an eye out for and sign up to things such as webinars in my field.

Further to this, through sitting down with and chatting to various team members, I’ve been able to strengthen my understanding for HD’s bespoke design workflows both medical and, non-medical specific. I’m particularly looking forward to being a part of developing and enhancing the early part of HD’s process which will allow clients to identify opportunities, by clarifying user needs and experiences to refine project briefs. This will improve outcomes, saving both time and money for both the client and HD.

Overall, I’ve had an enjoyable and hugely insightful first week at Haughton Design – a thank you to the team for such an accommodating and warm welcome. I look forward to what week 2 and beyond have to bring!

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