A word from the MD - Haughton Design Growth

A word from the MD

Haughton Design's Managing Director David Mills

2019 – Best ever year for Haughton Design’s growth

I am really pleased to announce Haughton Design has just achieved our best ever annual results. Our turnover was up 35% in 2018 so with recent political and economic uncertainty we thought 2019 might be a nonstarter. However, our business has grown by 22% which is a huge achievement – it’s a testament to all of the hard work and smart thinking by everyone involved. We’re fortunate to have a strong and stable in-house team, with a wider range of specialist consultants who added massive value to the work we’ve done. This has been recognised by our clients, so I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all of their orders – and to our team too, for getting the work to them on time.

We set out to boost growth back in 2017, with a very clear, A4 sized vision and business plan. The simplicity and clarity has worked wonders so everyone can quickly see and grasp what needs to be done. A lot of our growth has come from the investments made in developing our offering in the medical device sector. It’s going well and this is down to us being a little different to many of the larger consultancies which we compete against. Please check out our bespoke web page and video to learn more. Click Here

We’ve got ambitious plans for 2020 too, with numerous additional services being added to our offer. We will be introducing a wider Innovation service to help our clients identify opportunities for developing new products and technology. We want to help them identify and satisfy unmet needs to ensure there is true market demand, before full scale investment in new projects.

We will also be building a stronger electronics development service, to provide a more balanced turnkey solution for our clients. We will need to grow our team to achieve this so we are already on the lookout for the right people.

Finally we will be developing our manufacturing service. This will help our clients by providing access to pre-qualified and trusted suppliers who we know can be relied upon to deliver what the client needs, on time and to budget.

It’s an exciting year ahead, there will be challenges and we cant hang around to meet the targets we’ve set. That’s for sure, but we’ve had a plan for some time and I know by having the confidence to stick to it that 2020 will be as good or even better.