Our design and business approach

Haughton Design is a Midlands based, UK design team. We build long term relationships with our clients by providing them with innovative design and timely engineering solutions. We have a friendly, collaborative approach so work closely with our customers to understand their needs and build trust. This allows a free flow of fresh ideas and the generation of valuable IP for them to exploit.

Why we are different

We differ from many other design companies, our focus is more than pure aesthetics – we deliver real results and take projects through to boxed products or on-site installations. We overcome the often contradictory technical and engineering challenges with practicality, ingenuity and creativity. A company of designers and engineers, we fully understand the absolute necessity to develop designs on time and to budget; facilitating for our clients – cost effective manufacture, maximum profitability and substantial returns from their investment.

What we do

We produce designs that not only appeal to the customer, but are practical to manufacture. Utilising a unique blend of industrial design and mechanical engineering excellence, we deliver through a proven, quality-driven workflow process. Working systematically from initial concept through to manufacture and industrialisation, we become an extension of your own design team; dealing with smaller project phases or delivering full, turn-key development projects to suit your company’s needs.

Why we are so helpful

With decades of ‘real world’ design and manufacturing experience, we offer honest and practical advice throughout your project, which will be delivered within the agreed time-scale and budget.

A little about our design team and history

Haughton Design was founded in 1995 by our MD, David Mills. Apprentice trained in the manufacturing industry, David has been joined by professionals from diverse backgrounds with in depth, complementary skills. His team has grown to encompass industrial designers, mechanical designers, design engineers and project managers. Electronics Design & Development was added to our services in 2014, enabling us to offer our clients a complete front to back design service from just one source.

HD has a strong focus on our families and friends. We work flexibly and smartly to ensure a sustainable work/life balance, allowing us to remain fresh, enthusiastic and happily creative whilst maintaining keen attention to detail.

We enjoy the challenging nature of our engaging work, but have lots of interests outside of design. Along with enjoying life’s essentials like socialising, food and drink, we have some very adventurous team members, recognised experts in their field, who travel widely to participate in adventure and extreme sports! Other team members enjoy art, dance, mountain biking, body boarding, surfing, nature and bird watching. With this extremely broad mix of interests, skills and personalities, we come together to think creatively, blend extremes and work as a multi-dimensional team; developing and delivering new ideas, to make our clients more successful.

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