HD are a respected new product and medical device development company with a global client base

By providing our clients with innovative design and timely engineering solutions, we build long term relationships to leverage both sides expertise and create first class products. We have a friendly and collaborative approach which allows us to easily become an extension of your own team or handle a complete project through HD’s own systems.

Designing an aesthetically pleasing product or device that doesn’t work or cannot be manufactured isn’t good for anyone, neither is designing an engineering masterpiece which hasn’t had the aesthetics considered to appeal to the market.

This is where HD’s blend of both engineering and design skills to consider Human Factors, UI and UX come together and allow our clients to deliver medical devices and products which disrupt markets.

Our approach blends our systems and processes, with our world-class network, full supply chain of expert consultants, manufacturers and suppliers to form one seamless solution. Choosing HD provides you with a low risk, low effort but high reward design and development solution that’s trusted to deliver by some of the largest businesses in the world.


We put strong emphasis on a friendly, caring and collaborative team approach. We work flexibly and smartly to not only benefit our client’s projects, but to ensure a sustainable work/life balance allowing us to remain fresh, enthusiastic and happily creative. Our core team includes senior design management, technical leads, designers, chartered engineers and UX designers, all of which have other specialisms such as FEA, material selection, design for the environment, the design council’s first diamond approach to innovation and much more.

Our wider team includes recognised industry experts with many years’ experience working on devices at large, global pharmaceutical companies with specialisms spanning everything from regulations and design controls to human factors and device testing.

Our Leadership Team:

David Mills - Medical Device Managing Director at Haughton Design

David Mills

Managing Director

Medical Device Development Consultancy Business Director

Kathryn Arnot CMgr

Business Director

Mark Heynes - Medical Device Design Director at Haughton Design

Mark Heynes

Design Director

Jack Dunkley CEng - Medical Device Engineering Director at Haughton Design

Jack Dunkley CEng

Engineering Director

John Harverson - Senior Medical Device Design Development Engineer & Quality Manager at Haughton Design

John Harverson

Technical Director

Greg Bryant

Business Development Manager


HD was founded in 1995 and has grown from a small engineering team with a focus in aerospace and test rigs, to a larger device development team encompassing a diverse background with in-depth skills in their fields that complement one another. Whilst we are very proud of our past work and experiences which created HD, we now focus predominantly on medical device development and other highly regulated industries.

Since winning our first medical device project in 2012, we have continued to grow our work and skillset in this area, focusing initially on auto-injector and drug delivery platforms. These days we work across several device and healthcare sectors including respiratory, parenteral, stoma care, IVD’s, patient handling and many others. This work since 2012, has led to HD being named on over 35 global patents and earned us a reputation of being a high quality, high value, and adaptable development partner to our clients.

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HD have held ISO: 9001 and ISO: 13485 certifications since 2013 and continue to be recommended for recertification. We also work to ISO: 14971, U.S. CFR 820 and other global regulations.

Our design management system works to BS 7000-2:2008, and we also hold Cyber Essentials certifications to protect ours and our clients data against cyber threats.

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Haughton Design is a leading product design and engineering consultancy based in Staffordshire. We have a strong, friendly and supportive team which often recruits employees who are new to the area, some coming from as far as away Canada and South Africa. The area is a fantastic place for product designers and engineers to live as we’re away from the ‘Cambridge bubble’ and the South East, meaning living costs and overheads are significantly lower, making the area attractive to many candidates. We are centrally based in the UK so have a fantastic transport network, making the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and central London easily accessible in less than 1.5 hours. Stafford is a well served town with great facilities, surrounded by pleasant villages and rural treasures such as Cannock Chase, allowing a great work/life balance for our whole team.

As leading design consultants we are a growing company so often recruit new staff. We need people who are highly motivated, work well in a team and want to be the best around.

If you just want an ordinary job or don’t want to make a difference we are not the company for you!

We are keen to work with highly capable people so value interest from high quality, experienced designers who might want a role at Haughton Design either now or in the future.

If you think you may be interested, please get in touch or follow us on LinkedIn where we will post out new positions as they arise. We never use recruitment agencies so if you are an agent then please do not contact us.

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