Haughton Design is a leading product design and engineering consultancy based in Staffordshire. We have a strong, friendly and supportive team which often recruits employees who are new to the area, some coming from as far as away Canada and South Africa. The area is a fantastic place for product designers and engineers to live as we’re away from the ‘Cambridge bubble’ and the South East, meaning living costs and overheads are significantly lower, making the area attractive to many candidates. We are centrally based in the UK so have a fantastic transport network, making the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and central London easily accessible in less than 1.5 hours.  Stafford is a well served town with great facilities, surrounded by pleasant villages and rural treasures such as Cannock Chase, allowing a great work/life balance for our whole team.

As leading design consultants we are a growing company so often recruit new staff. We need people who are highly motivated, work well in a team and want to be the best around. If you just want an ordinary job or don’t want to make a difference we are not the company for you!

We are keen to work with highly capable people so value interest from high quality, experienced designers who might want a role at Haughton Design either now or in the future.

If you are an experienced designer then please take a look at our available vacancies. If you think you may be interested please get in touch or follow us on LinkedIn where we will post out new positions as they arise. We never use recruitment agencies so if you are an agent then please do not contact us.

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Product Design & Engineering Design Placements

We regularly take product design and engineering placement students – we have achieved great success with them. If you are looking for a year in industry then please take a look at our available vacancies or send across a brief description about what you are looking for, why you think we should take you, on a CV and any other relevant information via the email details on our Contact Us page.

What does a placement or internship with Haughton Design entail?

We want someone keen to learn best practice and who wants to develop their skills within a success design development consultancy. We expect the successful candidate will have at least a 2.1 in product design or design engineering and to have completed a relevant 12 month placement as part of their course.

Ideally you will have a full driving license so you can visit clients or suppliers if required. The primary role of the intern position is:

  • To assist the HD design team with design development and design engineering tasks on a range of diverse projects for our clients. The work will cover tasks required to design/develop equipment and or products at any point in the entire product development process. Viewing our website will provide more details about our services and the clients that we work for.
  • To assist with developing the existing HD design and business systems, including working practices & our quality systems ISO 9001 & ISO 13485
  • To assist with marketing activity, including marketing material if required.

Initially we will provide some basic SolidWorks/Inventor 3D training then build up to assemblies and generating detailed manufacturing drawings. During the process we will introduce the placement to the add-on packages such as rendering, animation and FEA. We will try to introduce them to fee paying work to help them gain commercial experience ASAP but initially we want the placement to build their skills to a professional level so their work is of a high quality. The timing of moving to fee paying work will be somewhat dependent on our general workload, the speed of learning and the success of our sales and marketing activity during this period.

We will quickly help the placement settle within our team, they have a friendly and supportive attitude, the team will involve the intern in general, product, engineering and mechanical design for clients in a range of industries. The work will involve effective design procedures and techniques, general business procedures such as quoting, project management and some commercial activity dealing with enquiries and meeting clients. Our intention is that the intern/placement would complete twelve months and develop an excellent knowledge of how a design company operates, good quality CAD skills and design project management experience too. Our aim is to prepare the successful candidate for a full time position and long term career at Haughton Design.

The salary we offer is highly dependent upon the quality and skillset of the candidate but it will be competitive as we need to attract and retain high quality people within our business.

We are always interested in high quality people who want to make a direct approach to us. If you would like an informal discussion about a position at Haughton Design we would be delighted to hear from you so please send in your CV for review.