HD has a strong emphasis on a team approach with a focus on our families and friends too. We work flexibly and smartly to ensure a sustainable work/life balance, allowing us to remain fresh, enthusiastic and happily creative whilst maintaining keen attention to detail.

We enjoy the challenging nature of our engaging work, but have lots of interests outside of design. Along with enjoying life’s essentials like socialising, food and drink, we have some very adventurous team members, recognised experts in their field, who travel widely to participate in adventure and extreme sports! Other team members enjoy martial arts, art, dance, mountain biking, body boarding, surfing, nature and bird watching. With this extremely broad mix of interests, skills and personalities, we come together to think creatively, blend extremes and work as a multi-dimensional team; developing and delivering new ideas, to make our clients more successful.

Managing Director

Design & Operations Director

Design Manager

Senior Design Development Consultant

Design Development Consultant

Product Design Engineer

Design Development Engineer

Product Design Engineer

Business Development Manager

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

UX Designer

Commercial & Accounts Manager