Airbox passes robustness test with flying colours!

By 12 December 2016 News No Comments
Range Rover on AirBox

Airbox have recently challenged our statement; “The moulding and material for the new casing is so robust, you could park a car on it,” They tried a variety of technical trials but decided to go one step further with a practical test and park a 2.5 Tonne Range Rover on-top of it! We weren’t expecting them to take our words literally but as the picture clearly shows, the new Airbox was not phased by this test at all.

We were very confident that the new product’s design would stand up to lots of abuse, it is manufactured from Engineered Structural Foam (ESF) by Hallam Plastics Ltd. The process is similar to injection moulding however, Hallam introduce gas into the process, resulting in a very strong and durable part, with a honeycomb core. This manufacturing process has been proven to replace metal structural components, and combines numerous advantages over conventional moulding. ESF is a lightweight and cost effective manufacturing technique which we have now used on a number of projects with great success.

The two casings used in the ‘Robustness’ test both passed with flying colours. If you would like to read more into ESF, please follow the link below: