Would you like a rewarding job that excites and challenges you on a daily basis? In a business with a clear vision and colleagues who work as a team to ensure you will be successful with every project you undertake? Working in a consultancy role is incredibly varied with projects in different sectors and stages of development, from concept through to industrialisation. There’s the added element of working directly with clients and managing projects forwards to be a commercial success too.

Haughton Design are currently recruiting for this completely new role. It’s a key position as finding the right candidate will make a huge impact on the growth of our company. We are looking for an experienced electronics engineer who wants to get involved with interesting and technically demanding projects, who is a self-starter, and who is eager to develop this new role too.

We are a growing design and development team, working mainly for large international companies.  They engage Haughton Design for it’s smart thinking, creativity and solid engineering background. There’s plenty of information on our company website so to learn more about our services but please take a look.

Owing to significant growth in demand from our clients for electronic product development projects and integration of electronics hardware and software into their mechanical product structures. We are now seeking to appoint a new Electronics Development Engineer/Manager to our team.

We aren’t looking for butterflies, we want someone who perhaps isn’t desperate to leave their current role, someone who wants their work to make a difference. We will be so pleased to receive your application and gladly meet you early or later in the day if that helps you. If you would like to have a look around and meet the team, then please apply.

Please read our requirements below and CLICK HERE to apply.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Leadership of the electronics department, ensuring that client development projects are delivered on time and within budgets, for product and development costs.
  • Leading the development of commercially viable products for clients.
  • Implementing structured project management processes within the electronics dept.
  • Primarily working on hardware design projects, both internally and with sub- contractors, whilst working closely with firmware/software engineers during software development.
  • Responsible for the specification compliance of designs to relevant project standards.
  • Document design work and preparing reports, ensuring design files and information is kept up to date and stored in accordance with company procedures.
  • Enhance and follow departmental processes relating to management of designs, and the design and project management processes.
  • Responsible for checking and validating electronic designs and drawings from suppliers and sub- contractors where required.
  • Providing technical direction to sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure projects are completed on schedule, to specification and within agreed budgets. Instigating, developing and managing an agreed Client Project Plan both internally and externally.
  • Providing technical support in hardware, software/firmware and electronics from idea stage through to pre-production, testing and ‘productionisation’.
  • To work closely and effectively with the mechanical design team to ensure projects are completed as effectively as possible.
  • Business development and customer service support as and when required. To include office and field- based activities.
  • Any office support as and when required by clients or suppliers e.g. software/hardware support.
  • To carry out any other business development tasks as may be reasonably requested by The Directors.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Delivery of client development projects to meet client expectations on time and within budgets for development and product costs.
  • Maintaining the Company standards for high quality design, project management and documentation.
  • Adopting and developing the company WorkFlow process for all electronics development projects.
  • Active involvement in business development programmes to grow the profitable expansion of the electronic development activities at Haughton Design.
  • To fully support and comply with Haughton’s Health, Safety and Quality policies and procedures.
  • To work with the Directors to produce resource plans for the electronics development department and provide assistance estimating electronics work packages for projects to ensure that they are within budgeted timescales and costs. To facilitate the compilation and maintenance of project documentation as required (for example risk registers, requirements documents etc.)
  • To manage design reviews as required and provide subject matter expertise as needed.
  • To manage sub-contractors as required including development of Statements of Work and ensuring that subcontractors are working to the correct Industry and Regulatory Standards.

Key Skills:

  • A broad range of experience but ideally with strong all-round electronic design and software/firmware skills.
  • Strong knowledge of Analogue and Digital Design including microprocessors/microcontrollers, programmable logic, embedded firmware/software, SMPS design, PCB design and design for EMC, Schematic capture, PCB and simulation.
  • Analogue/digital electronics systems design, build and troubleshoot experience essential.
  • Use and good experience of Altium 18 highly desirable.
  • Programming and Software Engineering: C#, C, C +, Embedded C, C++, or similar scripting language would be highly desirable.
  • A working knowledge of comm’s protocols is desirable.
  • Knowledge of Microprocessor Applications and DSP: microprocessor system application, single chip embedded solutions with product -oriented focus would be desirable.
  • Some knowledge of design for medical devices and/or defence and security markets including EMI/EMC specifications.
  • Working knowledge of the CE validation process would be a distinct advantage.
  • Good interpersonal skills; a manager who can organise and lead the team members and work with external contractors and suppliers.
  • Business Environment Appreciation: in particular, active project management and an awareness of the commercial environment and the need for profit.
  • Sets an example to the members of the mechanical design team on how to manage designs.
  • Skilled in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Graduate in electronic engineering preferred.
  • At least 5 years hardware design experience within a relevant industry.
  • Strong all-round knowledge and understanding of electronic components, circuit design and principles.
  • Previous experience leading the design and development of electronic and electromechanical products.
  • Proven track record of new development ideas to enhance and improve products.
  • Significant project management experience.
  • Experience of high- volume product development.
  • Proven experience of managing development resources and contractors.
  • Experience of subcontractor management is essential.
  • High power analogue electronic circuit design.
  • High-speed digital design and PCB layout skills.
  • Strong control electronics/PCB debugging skills.
  • Design for excellence (DFX) (e.g. manufacturing, cost, size, weight, efficiency, performance, test, maintenance).
  • Specification & report writing and reviewing.
  • Design, routine test, type test and verification specification.
  • Power electronic components (IGBTs, thyristors, passive components).
  • Proven ability in product design, validation and industrialisation.
  • Prior experience in a manufacturing environment.
  • Prior experience of supplier chain integration (e.g. technical communication, clause-by-clause review, production line audit).


  • Medical Device Development: 5 years (Preferred)
  • Electronics Development: 7 years (Required)


  • Bachelor’s (Required)


  • Driving License (Required)


  • £38,000 – 45,000