Whether you have a brand-new product idea or wish to make improvements to an existing device, outsourcing design and engineering can seem like a costly exercise – that’s until you consider the benefits. Design Manager, Mark, discusses the benefits of outsourcing some, or all of, your medical device design, development and engineering activity.

As a design consultancy, Haughton Design acts as a bolt-on design team, for as long or short as you’d like, without any long-term expenditure commitments. You get to choose specific activities that you need assistance with, such as concept generation, FEA or human factors studies. Alternatively, the entire turnkey project can be handed over and managed by us. This flexibility makes outsourcing the perfect solution for covering short-term resourcing problems or, filling the gaps where you don’t have the required expertise internally.

When we take on a project, the vast experience of the whole design team is utilised through brainstorming sessions and design reviews. Often there will be ideas or solutions carried across from other industries, that may not have been considered otherwise. Being new to a project, we can often bring fresh ideas to the table and raise questions that haven’t been asked before.

As a design consultancy, its essential that we work efficiently and provide design solutions within agreed timeframes and budgets. Our development workflow process allows us to progress a project much faster than most internal teams, and therefore save both cost and time on the overall development. As a result of our workflow and stage gate process, projects progress from A to B with minimal deviations or lost effort exploring the wrong avenues. Our customers often find our process so useful that they take away some ideas to implement within their own internal design teams.

When it comes to procuring prototypes, HD regularly buys parts from a trusted network of manufacturers and suppliers. Allowing HD to order prototype tooling or parts for you makes the process much quicker without needing to set up new suppliers on your system.

Of course, all these benefits allow you to focus on managing your business and not get distracted by the detail of product development. But more importantly, the project can progress faster, with fresh insights and access to a greater pool of knowledge and expertise – all of which adds to the success of your new product. If you would like a copy of our process or to discuss a project in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Mark Heynes - Medical Device Design Director at Haughton Design Mark Heynes 26 October 2022


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Mark has worked in new product development for almost 15 years. Graduating in Product Design from Staffordshire University and designing for the medical, healthcare, building products and automotive sectors, Mark uses this experience to manage the design team, ensuring project resource is well planned and design outputs meet high standards. Outside of work, he spends time with his family and practicing karate. Currently a 4th Dan with over 30 years training, Mark has the same dedicated approach to karate and design.

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