CE Marking Association & Recyclever Collaboration

By 12 September 2019 News No Comments

Haughton Design have worked with the CE Marking Association for a number of years, pulling on both their expertise and consultancy work and also training for our own team. More recently we have completed another successful project for a client, working alongside the CE Marking Association, thus showing how our collaborative working relationships with several other consultancies not only benefit the HD team’s knowledge, but also that of our clients.

Philip Sparrow and Andrea Magrini from Recyclever approached Haughton Design needing some consultancy advice regarding a design they had done for a new and innovative reverse vending machine. From the get-go there was a clear benefit to involving the CE Marking Association for the project, and by utilising a collaborative approach between the consultancies, the project has been hugely successful for Recyclever, who are now proudly displaying their reverse vending machines at Twickenham and other locations!

Take a look below the machine and some of the key features, and get in touch if you would like to discuss a project that could utilise some specialist consultancy work.

Recyclever Reverse Vending Machine