Last week, a key annual drug delivery conference returned, taking place in Edinburgh; DDL – Drug Delivery to the Lungs. The HD team had a great few days at the conference connecting with clients, suppliers and experts about the latest research and innovations in the respiratory drug delivery space. Here’s a brief rundown of our time at the show:

In a very wintery Edinburgh, it was great to return to the conference in person with an attendee list even larger than pre-pandemic. As always, there was a wealth of insight and information shared particularly surrounding key topics of sustainability and usability in the inhalation space.

Particular stand-out posters and tech-talks for us surrounded the topics of;

  • Future therapies for COVID-19 as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical and design industries
  • The way that the respiratory landscape is adapting to deliver vaccines and other treatments such as biologics to overcome needle fear, taking treatments from the clinical to the home setting
  • Respiratory disease treatment including the use of aerosol therapies during mechanical ventilation
  • The impact of the dose received when selecting different therapy strategies
  • Planetary health and the carbon footprint of inhalers

Witnessing how these key themes develop and combine in 2023 and beyond to influence inhalation as well as other drug delivery spaces is an exciting prospect – one that we look forward to playing a part of in projects here at Haughton Design.

Although virtual events have been a great substitute in circumstances where face-to-face hasn’t been possible, there’s nothing quite like in-person events which allow for much more opportunity for impromptu conversations and knowledge sharing. To add to this, it was great to see some of the equipment and devices that we’ve developed being exhibited and well received.

This year’s DDL was filled with high quality speakers, exhibitors, and posters. If you weren’t able to attend the conference, we’d love to catch up and discuss how our design team could help accelerate your device development projects – please get in touch.

Amber Davies - Human Factors Design Engineer & Marketing Manager at Haughton Design Amber Davies 14 December 2022


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