Executive Summary:

HD successfully completed the design and prototype development of an auto-injector which was then returned to the client’s in-house design team to continue work under full design controls. The project was delivered within extremely tight time constraints with new IPR generated and patents applied for.

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Our client benefited from HD’s highly flexible design and development expertise to quickly generate fresh ideas and create new IPR which is now part of numerous patent applications. Being able to quickly access HD’s resources meant working prototypes could be manufactured so formative Human Factors work could begin along with early testing of the design. The work allowed presentation of the novel design to key stake holders whilst the client’s in-house team could continue with core development work to meet long term objectives.

The brief was interpreted very well, with innovative ideas achieved – working with Haughton Design allowed us to move the project forward quickly, and I enjoyed the friendly approach of the team. – Lead Device Engineer at a UK Pharmaceutical Company

The client provided an early-stage concept of a new auto-injector platform but needed to reduce the device diameter, component complexity and part count too. The deliverables were to develop a less complex, more robust design which could be manufactured in volumes up to 50 million units per annum.

HD’s approach began by thoroughly reviewing the early-stage platform concept to identify perceived issues and opportunities for improvement. From here, we began developing more sophisticated concepts addressing the key requirements of;

• Reduced pen diameter.

• Less complexity with fewer interactions, to reduce tolerance stacks.

• Fewer components, to lower manufacturing costs.

• Capability of being manufactured in high volume, (Approx 50 million per annum.) with fully automated manufacturing and assembly.

With a number of strong concepts that met the above needs, we undertook a thorough concept review and began the detailed design, development and engineering of the chosen concept to a functional prototype level. This required robust design thinking to identify and analyse critical features and produce a component interaction matrix. We used Non-Linear FEA to test snap fits, clips and spring features with design optimisation to reduce diameter.

Owen Mumford and Haughton Design Selectable Dose Injection Device Patent

The concept was developed to a sophisticated prototype level with 95% confidence of design feasibility. In addition to this, early-stage design for manufacture was completed and compromised of features designed to suit moulding and tooling requirements and the design of features and assembly sequence to meet auto assembly requirements.

From here, a manufacturing data pack was generated consisting of geometrically toleranced drawings, specification of materials, surface finishes and proposed feed points. Basic Tolerance Analysis to suit prototype manufacture was completed as well as a full pack of PDF’s, 3D files and manufacturing data provided.

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