Executive Summary:

Seward approached HD to design and develop an innovative laboratory paddle blender that massively improved the user’s experience and allowed them to stay market leaders in the industry.


Our team’s inquisitive and questioning nature allowed us to escape traditional thinking behind paddle blender design – the conceptual designs created were truly innovative and a complete step change from existing blenders. To reduce noise, Southampton University conducted trials allowing us to use their findings to engineer the new product for lower sound emissions. Seward were able to verify performance and validate usability aspects using our prototype whilst HD worked with toolmakers and moulders to ease this product into production, leading to the Stomacher® 400 – a market leading product.

From day 1 Haughton Design have been an integral partner in the EVO’s development, balancing design process with the stringent requirements we placed on them. The team have done a fantastic job. – Seward

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