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Haughton Design provided the development and visualisation of a large pharmaceutical client’s internally generated IP through the development of a range of novel concepts for various drug delivery devices, including a number of wearables. HD’s work provided the ability for the client to present various concepts to the company’s board so they could be considered for future development.

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HD’s understanding of medical device design, development and design for manufacture allowed the work to be undertaken quickly, without distraction to the client’s internal development team. Using HD’s independent design team provided early-stage assessment of the various ideas. This identified the most promising ideas to develop and prevented unnecessary investment in concepts that were excessively challenging, or which could not be manufactured using conventional techniques. By applying several techniques and creative approaches, HD was able to quickly understand the client’s existing library of IP allowing the development of a plethora of novel solutions and creation of a portfolio of innovative, potential market leading concepts for future exploitation.

We were all suitably impressed with the concepts generated. The artwork and walkthrough steps were simple and clear to understand – thank you! – Undisclosed Pharmaceutical Client, 2019

HD applied several techniques and creative approaches to understand the client’s existing library of IP and subsequently develop a number of novel medical device and drug delivery solutions.

The IP claims varied across a number of medical devices including drug delivery, wearables and interconnected devices and spanned a number of key areas for focus such as safety and self-destructing devices. The client required each concept to be demonstrated in IFU story board scenarios to be presented to the Board of Directors for review and product road mapping.

Due to the ideas themselves being quite vague, HD’s approach began by liaising with the client and the specific members of staff who generated the initial idea, to extract relevant information and to properly interpret how they might transpire into physical products.

Having fully assessed the IP literature provided and completed discussions with the originators, HD separated the information into four separate device categories before swiftly generating initial sketches for each IP claim. These quick visuals helped confirm the key USP’s of each concept which were then presented and used as a preface to further explore each idea/device. All concepts were illustrated with user-friendly IFU storyboards which helped identify areas of opportunity to further improve the various product concepts.

HD then conducted a number of remote and face to face discussions with the client including a visit where a number of brainstorming sessions were conducted applying various tools and techniques for idea generation. HD also undertook multiple internal brainstorming sessions based on scenarios where our team rapidly mocked up ideas in sketch and basic prototype form. This encouraged further innovation whilst allowing increased understanding of both scale and usability. We also developed initial CAD models as part of this iteration process. All outputs and concept features were then merged to generate new ideas. This included mixing forms and fabrics / materials to further enhance the portfolio of ideas.

The final delivery was a combination of sketches, CAD models, IFU’s (Instructions for Use) with product renders and other associated images too. This was subsequently presented in a high quality, visual portfolio to key stake holders and company directors.

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