From Paper Products to Paper Free – By Julie Hedge

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What an exciting experience…coming from managing a paper products design studio, creating greeting cards, wrap, tags, bags, and accessories to joining Haughton Design, a state of the art, ‘Paper Free’ Design & Development company.

Paintings, illustrations, collages, samples of board, paper, ribbons and materials, now a thing of my past, replaced by big screens, specialist 3D design software and cutting edge technology. New  language and terminology, new systems, processes, products and people.

Working as HD’s Business Development Manager, I am now privileged to be given insight into the exciting and complex design and engineering challenges encountered across a range of sectors…A new world of products and applications I never even thought about before from compact life-enhancing or life-saving medical devices to security and scanning equipment big enough to handle an articulated lorry!

But still it is a personal challenge…I know that there are billions of unnecessary paper copies printed around the world every day. I love trees! I too want to preserve and protect our beautiful World, but still, I love to handle a book, write notes with a good old fashioned pen and notebook…and even keep a paper, (OK, I admit it….. Filofax) diary!

Apparently, I am one of the 43% who ‘still prefer paper for handling and reading’, (John Mancini, President of AIIM, ‘Paper Wars: An Update From The Battlefield’, Nov ’14).

Where do you fit? Or are you already happily paper free?

Julie Hedge Product development manager
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