Does your company need to change the status quo?

There are lots of companies and organisations expounding the virtues of innovation. It’s a proven fact that leading companies are great at innovation and, it can significantly improve business growth.

There are also plenty of companies and experts offering innovation sessions and training which are excellent for developing a more innovative culture and flushing out some excellent ideas. However, what happens once the sessions are complete and the real world of day to day business kicks back in? How do you convert those ideas into hard results and products, yet not lose momentum in your business or in your newfound ‘innovations’?

We see lots of companies having a go at this but then losing the plot along the way, so all their investment and hard work simply goes to waste. To us it’s obvious why so much innovation evaporates without anyone seeing the true benefits it can bring. The main reason for failure simply comes down to a lack of resource and sometimes, the experience or knowledge within the business to deliver a successful innovation program.

As a small company we also suffer from similar issues with our own innovations, we deliver great results for our client’s but find it extremely hard to provide time or resource. Especially when the pressure’s on to deliver our work and hit targets too. We’ve therefore had to change our systems and processes to ensure innovation is treated with the same respect as ‘paid work’. You definitely need to change the status quo – if you are serious about embedding innovation and achieving great results.

Try starting with some highly visual changes by creating an area and space to innovate, then all stakeholders know something is different and it’s obvious to the business as a whole. If done carefully it’s inexpensive but highly effective in achieving the switch required for a more innovative culture, and for delivering tangible results.

Make a concerted effort to allocate time, formalise a plan and engage the resources needed to deliver results on the investments made. All companies and organisations can reap the benefits of new innovation but developing them does take time, money and lots of effort.  You can’t just run a few innovation sessions then expect a team or business to transform and deliver innovative new products, solutions and a cash return overnight.

Innovation takes many forms, it can be in your processes, services or products. The easiest way to create momentum is by bringing in external help and expertise. The fastest way to make things happen is to engage a resource which is already proven to be innovating successfully – and not just talking about or teaching it. So, if you truly want your team to be innovative, and for there to be tangible outputs quickly, then it’s vital to identify an appropriate resource to work with your team to deliver it!

To find the right partners, ask a few questions. Investigate which companies the supplier typically helps, and where those clients are in the innovation process. Does the potential partner have a recognisable innovation process and is it easy to understand? Will they share techniques and support your business after the first innovation sessions then train your team so they can repeat the process again? Finding a partner who can help drive innovation throughout the project and not just kick it off will greatly increase your chances of embedding the culture and delivering a successful return on your investment.

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