At HD, we pride ourselves on assembling the best team possible to add extra value to our projects and deliver high quality device or product development solutions. We do this through blending our in-house team with an extended network of experts and consultants, who we have worked with for many years.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce our partnership with PS Partnerships.

PS Partnerships help businesses with plastic materials and product manufacture, formulation, testing, due diligence, failure, technology transfer and product development. They also implement and maintain quality management systems with a focus on supporting the medical device industry to meet the requirements of ISO 13485:2016, risk management to ISO 14071:2019 and the EU Medical Device Regulations.

PS Partnerships work with Haughton Design in providing polymer technical support and material selection for a number of applications including medical devices. In turn, Haughton Design are able to provide valuable input to PS Partnerships customers who need help overcoming design and engineering challenges.

Our Managing Director, David Mills says, “I am delighted to be working directly with Suzanne and Paul again, as they are trusted by so many companies in the Med Dev and Pharma sector.  Paul was key to advising us on materials and implementing our ISO 13485 system before he worked for Smithers. He is so knowledgeable with polymers and using them effectively in manufacture, it means PS Partnerships have an incredibly powerful offer which we will be using a great deal more in the future.”

If you have a design challenge or idea that could benefit from the knowledge of HD and PS Partnerships, get in touch.

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