Successful Partnership Between HD & Idneo

David Mills of Haughton Design and Idneo CEO shaking hands

Since we announced our partnership with Barcelona based design firm IDNEO back in 2016, we’re pleased to report back on continuous growth and developed offerings for both companies.

IDNEO pride themselves on bringing dreams from “design thinking” to “design doing” and when teamed with our innovative, tactful and smart way of working, we have leveraged both our expertise to supply the best service for mutual prospects and clients. This approach has led to HD further establishing themselves in the medical device field and grow our team at a rapid rate and meant IDNEO have moved their headquarters to Mollet del Vallès!

With significant strengths in electronics design, IDNEO have a successful track record for clients such as Roche, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Sony, which compliments Haughton Design’s strong mechanical background perfectly.

Managing Director, David Mills says, “we have a very effective and different approach that saves our clients time and money, leading to a successful relationship for all.”

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