Innovation sessions

Organised Innovation Workshops can be facilitated within your business, using HD approved tools and techniques. These can be tailored from short sprint sessions with just a few people to longer workshops involving your wider team. Our sessions often open our clients eyes to unmet opportunities, finding new methods to solve known issues, and ultimately build a valuable repository of useful product ideas. It doesn’t stop there, we apply our ideas judgement matrix to captured sketches and opportunities to help prioritise the most promising ideas. 

A fresh perspective

Are you in need of a fresh perspective? Haughton Design’s team of designers and consultants are experienced in many sectors, from Medical Devices through to Defence & Security. This means we have unique exposure to fresh technology and best practice to provide an abundance of practical solutions to the various challenges you may have become bogged down with. 

Moving innovation forward quickly

Are you currently generating IP and great ideas but frustrated by its slow progression toward a saleable product? Unfortunately many good ideas fail to progress onto the market and are left to languish due to a lack of time or resources. Ultimately it can lead to businesses not meeting their full potential. The good news is that Haughton Design can inject more pace and manage the process for you. This ensures your ideas and intellectual property is exploited and your project reaches its full potential. We have techniques to quickly test ideas, using the ‘fail fast’ philosophy, through iterative ‘design sprints’ (lightweight concept creation) and other lean innovation techniques..