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Medical device antibody self test kit packaging design

4 Key Considerations When Choosing Design & Development Partner

Device development can be difficult. Knowing what to develop is one thing but knowing how to develop it is another. Design Development Engineer, Will, shares some advice for selecting a medical device...

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Design Consultancy Managing Director brainstorming 4 trends shaping the medical device industry in 2022

4 Trends Shaping The Medical Device Industry in 2022

Design Development Engineer, Will Morris has gathered some thoughts and insights into what the trends for healthcare technology are for 2022+, and how the impact of the pandemic has been a catalyst fo...

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Design engineer testing medical device prototype concepts

Challenges To Be Aware Of When Designing a Medical Device

When designing a new product, there are certain challenges and hurdles that will be faced by all design teams during the development process, and this is often magnified in the medical device industry...

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Design engineer using CAD and FEA to improve an inhalation medical device design robustness with sensitivity analysis

Improving Design Robustness With Sensitivity Analysis

HD were approached by an existing client to improve their designs robustness by using Sensitivity Analysis. By using a mix of CAD, FEA, further Kinematic Analysis and material property research, HD we...

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Drug delivery device and medical device components including springs and clips

7 Key Factors To Remember When Designing a Medical Device

Designing a new product or medical device can be a daunting task, there are numerous factors to consider such as regulatory requirements, external market competition and device team capability, let al...

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Optimising Clip Designs For Autoinjector Spring Loads

Autoinjectors are medical devices designed for efficient subcutaneous and intramuscular drug delivery. Most autoinjectors are single-use, disposable, spring-loaded syringes. Differences in device and ...

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New product & medical device idea decision matrix

Creating an Idea Judgement Matrix to Make Informed Design Decisions

Selecting the “Right” or “Best” concept to move forward into the feasibility and design development phases can be tricky. You want to select a concept that ticks all the boxes. Using an idea j...

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The evolution of a Seward device that Haughton Design have completed the industrial design on

The Importance of Industrial Design in New Product & Medical Development

Industrial Design bridges the technology and mechanisms you’ve developed with the people who use the product. Often, the quality of these connections will determine the adoption and commercial succe...

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New product and medical device design development engineer rapid prototyping a blood sampling device with a 3d printer

6 Months at Haughton Design in Review

From HFE training to having already worked on 4 different projects, it's been a busy first 6 months at HD for Design Development Engineer, James. Here's what he’s been up to, has learned so far and ...

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Haughton Design's new product and medical device development design process

The New Product & Medical Device Development Process From Start to Finish

Designers and engineers naturally want to keep generating ideas and continuously improve designs, it’s in their DNA. However, what often isn’t discussed in the design world is that development is ...

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Design development engineer assessing medical device engineering drawings to reduce manufacturing costs

Medical Device & Product Manufacturing Costs | Why They’re So High And How You Can Reduce Them

Developing a new medical device can be a multi-million-pound venture. There is no simple answer to the question; “How much does it cost to manufacture a medical device?”. Design Development Engine...

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What Are The Biggest Challenges In The Device Development Sector?


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Medical Device Engineers reviewing an inhalation device to write a design and development plan

How to Plan the Design & Development of your Medical Device | Part 2

In the second of this two-part blog, Senior Design Engineer, John and Human Centred Designer, Amber continue to address some frequent questions regarding writing a design & development plan as well as...

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How to Plan the Design & Development of your Medical Device | Part 1

Correct planning should be carried out to control the design & development of your medical device however, many companies fall short when it comes to their documentation and overall approach to planni...

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Haughton Design's Unique Medical Device Design & Development Process

What Makes HD Unique in Medical Device Design & Development?

What makes HD unique to other design agencies? It’s a question we regularly hear when marketing to Medical Device and Pharmaceutical prospects. We sat down with our team of design development engine...

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Design Development Engineer brainstorming a medical device development design brief

How to Write an Effective Design Brief

A Design Brief is essential to the start of any project. It could be as short, or as in-depth as you like however, there is an art to writing a good Design Brief. Product Design Engineer, Will, shares...

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