Medical device design engineers reviewing the user experience of using a urinary / catheter drainage system

An insight into the experience of using a Catheter for Medical Device Development

Next in our user series, we chat to Tayla Collinson, a 27-year-old who manages a number of chronic conditions and is currently living with a suprapubic catheter. ...

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Medical device design engineer brainstorming

Hang out with Haughton – Design Development Engineer, Will

“The more you design things, the more you look at the products around you and wonder how they’ve been made, what the design process must’ve been and question why they designed it like that, and ...

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A collage of 'selfies' from the HD Design & Engineering team getting outdoors with nature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Available Vacancy: Product & Medical Device Design Engineers

Following a period of growth, HD are looking to expand their team of product & medical device design engineers. We are currently inviting direct contact from experienced first class product design &...

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Medical Design Manager, Mark, in a design team meeting in a studio at Haughton Design

Hang out with Haughton – Design Manager, Mark

This week, Design Manager, Mark shares what attracted him to design & engineering, a typical work week and the biggest challenges he faces in his role as well as insight into the tools he uses to plan...

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Design engineer reviewing a 3D printed medical prototype

An insight into the User Experience of Self-Injection for Medical Device Development

Despite regularly working on a variety of product and medical device projects, there are always improvements to be made and taking the time to really understand user needs is often a crucial piece to ...

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Banner of HD's design workflow

Working lean for Medical Device Development

Developing drug delivery platforms and medical devices can be labour intensive and a frustratingly lengthy process, even for the simplest of devices. Here at Haughton Design, we have worked hard on op...

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Understanding User Experience in Medical Device Development using Cambridge simulation gloves

Understanding User Experience in Medical Device Development

User experience and human centred considerations can, and should, be applied to the design and features of all medical devices – it’s just that they sometimes aren’t. While its paramount that a...

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A collage of 'selfies' from the HD Design & Engineering team getting outdoors with nature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Recently, we introduced Design Development Engineer, Danny Morris as our Mental Health First Aider. Danny was keen to take up this role at HD recognising that Mental Health impacts us all whether that...

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Medical device developer using design controls software Aligned Elements

What are Design Controls and why do they matter in Medical Device Development?

Although they differ in finer detail, both the European and U.S. regulatory laws discuss Design Controls. Failure to comply with these laws can result in a series of penalties including your device be...

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Medical Design Development Engineer, Danny in a team meeting in a design studio

Hang out with Haughton – Design Development Engineer, Danny

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in a design consultancy? To kick start our Hang out with Haughton – Meet the Teamseries, we chatted with one of our Design Development Engineers, Dan...

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Device Development Consultancy brainstorming sustainability in medical device development

Are you ready for the sustainability shift in Medical Device development?

The medical sector is at the forefront of technical possibility; it seeks to constantly improve people’s lives and improve the health of the world. Life expectancy has increased dramatically over th...

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Medical device designer sketching an idea of a new blood sampling diagnostic device

Concept Selection: Intuition or Calculation?

At Haughton Design, we commonly have the problem of generating too many solutions and concepts, rather than too few. Because of this, we’ve honed our concept selection criteria over the years and ar...

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Medical device designers discussing a document

Reflecting on the past 12 months for post-pandemic growth

In a fast-paced environment that requires creativity and daily problem solving it can be easy to forget yesterday’s wins, let alone what’s gone on as we approach twelve months of the pandemic. How...

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Prototyping Throughout the Design Process – Phase 2

When moving into design development, you should have a feasible concept which can be developed into a product or a mechanism. This is where you might create an alpha prototype, where it should start ...

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Prototyping Throughout the Design Process – Phase 1

Prototyping provides value and feedback that is otherwise hard to measure such as proof of concept, technical feasibility, ergonomics, and human factors information. Take ergonomics for example; al...

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Haughton Design partner with PS Partnerships

At HD, we pride ourselves on assembling the best team possible to add extra value to our projects and deliver high quality device or product development solutions. We do this through blending our in-h...

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