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Understanding User Experience in Medical Device Development using Cambridge simulation gloves

How Can Collaborating with the NHS Improve Medical Device Innovation?

HD strive to foster effective collaboration on all projects to push boundaries in innovation. We discuss how collaboration with the NHS can provide unique insight....

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Devices used for diabetes care including blood glucose meters, prefilled syringes and autoinjectors

Digital Devices & Trust: Why Do We Trust Them More Than Their Non-Digital Counterparts?

Why do we trust the accuracy of digital devices more than their non-digital counterparts? HD discuss the 'why' and how this improves device development....

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Paper inhaler featured image

Paper not Plastic: Is It a Viable Alternative in Medical Device Development?

We discuss the whether the medical device industry can embrace paper as a viable alternative to plastic as we advance towards Net Zero....

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Emerging Technologies and their Impact on Medical Device Design and Development

What is the impact of emerging technologies on medical device and product development? Design Engineer, Dan Kirkham, discusses their applications....

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Transforming Device Development: Key Benefits of Interdisciplinary Teams

We discuss transforming medical device development through the utilisation of interdisciplinary, and cross industry teams....

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Inhaler nozzle FEA

Using FEA to Improve Inhalation Device Usability

A pharmaceutical company approached HD to enhance the performance and improve the usability of a Dry Powder Inhaler within a short timeframe and, a tight budget. ...

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pharmaceutical medical device design and development services | Pharmapack 2023: The Latest Drug Delivery Research, Trends & Innovation

Pharmapack 2024: A Round-Up of This Years’ Sustainability Focused Event

Pharmapack 2024 was a captivating blend of innovation, collaboration, and foresight. Read our round up of the eco-focused event here....

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DDL 2023: A Round-Up From the Annual Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference

2023's DDL event brought together industry experts in the field of respiratory health. Here we discuss the latest breakthroughs and innovations....

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Should Human Factors as a Standalone Discipline Be Made Redundant?

Should Human Factors as a standalone discipline be made redundant? Design Engineer, Elena, considers this for medical device development?...

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Patient using a medication reminder app

Can We Achieve the Perfect Balance of Usability, Sustainability, and Connectivity? 

Can we achieve the perfect balance of usability, sustainability & connectivity in medical device design? Design Engineer, Rob, considers how....

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PDA and PODD 2023 conference literature

PODD & PDA 2023: A Round-Up of Drug Delivery Trends

2023's PDA & PODD conferences provided valuable insight into the drug delivery industry. Here we discuss trends and hot topics from the conferences....

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20 Years of PDA: What’s in Store for the Next 20 Years of Medical Device Innovation?

Ahead of the 20th PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference, we cover where medical device innovations are expected to go....

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IFU and Autoinjector trainer

The Future of IFUs in a Connected World

As the world becomes increasingly connected and user needs constantly evolving, the design of safety critical IFU’s must keep up with this. Design Engineer, Rob, discusses the future of IFU’s, and...

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Collaborative Innovation: Partnerships in Medical Device Development

With the speed at which the medical device world is changing, collaborative partnerships will be essential for success. HD discuss the benefits....

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Market Research and Analysis for Medical Device Idea Validation

Validating an idea before investing in its development can significantly minimise unnecessary cost and risks. HD discuss the steps involved....

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Medical Device Design Engineer conducting finite element analysis study on autoinjector medical device component (FEA)

FEA & Simulation: Best Practices for Medical Device Development

FEA and simulation have become essential tools in medical device development, providing a faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective approach to device design and optimization. ...

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