Chartered Design Engineer, Jack, testing prototyped parts for a novel medical device

Route to Engineering Chartership | Lead Design Engineer, Jack

For many engineers, chartership can be the next logical step in their career once they’ve got a degree and worked as a professional for several years. It has benefits such as recognition of your lev...

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Design Operations Manager using Design Development workflow to recue poorly managed project

How to rescue a poorly managed development project

At Haughton Design, we’re often asked to step in to save failing projects. Although each project will require a bespoke plan, the following insight into common issues should be helpful to those mana...

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Medical Device Design & Development Engineer, Luke

Hang out with Haughton | Design Development Engineer, Luke

The HD team has grown once again! Following our most successful 12 months to date, we have further expanded the team by welcoming Luke Brown who joins as a Design Development Engineer. This week, Luke...

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FEA Services | How HD can support your project

How Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can support the New Product & Medical Device Development Process

Using FEA can be hugely beneficial to a project as it will typically reduce costs, save time and improve product performance. Further benefits arise with lower environmental impact by using reduced ma...

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Commercial & Operations Coordinator, Kathryn seated in front of Haughton Design's product & medical device development workflow

Hang out with Haughton | Commercial & Operations Manager, Kathryn

After completing my A-Levels I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career, the only thing I knew for definite after many open days was that I didn’t want to go down the typical route of universit...

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Medical device Design Engineer designing sustainable packaging for an auto-injector

The sustainability shift in packaging products & medical devices

While our primary aim is to help users lives, it’s important that we help the planet where possible too. We asked the team about some of the challenges faced as well as their discoveries and process...

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product and medical device design engineer undertaking a human factors engineering study handling blood sampling device prototypes

Human Factors Engineering in Medical Device Design & Development: What is it and what are the benefits?

Human Factors Engineering (HFE), focuses on the interactions between people and devices to minimise use-related hazards and enhance patient safety. Senior Design Engineer, John, and Human Centred Desi...

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The Benefits of Vacuum Casting for prototyping products and medical devices

The benefits of Vacuum Casting for prototyping products & medical devices

What is Vacuum Casting, how does it work and how can it benefit the product and medical device prototyping process? The vacuum casting process is very similar to the plastic injection moulding process...

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A photo of senior medical device design engineer, john, in a design studio at Haughton Design

Hang out with Haughton | Senior Design Engineer, John

I believe in failing fast: have a really thorough understanding of the assumptions you have made and test these assumptions at the earliest chance possible, usually through prototyping....

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A Design Engineer testing a prototyped connected device concept with PCB board and medical device

Understanding the basics of the IoMT and Connected Devices

A connected medical device is one that forms part of the Internet-of-Medical-Things [IoMT] ecosystem. The IoMT ecosystem facilitates the collection, analysis, and transmission of health data so aims t...

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Medical device design engineers reviewing the user experience of using a urinary / catheter drainage system

An insight into the experience of using a Catheter for Medical Device Development

Next in our user series, we chat to Tayla Collinson, a 27-year-old who manages a number of chronic conditions and is currently living with a suprapubic catheter. ...

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Lead Medical Device Design Engineer, Jack

Hang out with Haughton | Lead Design Engineer, Jack

"Once you ae chartered that is not the end of your education, there will always be new technologies and skills to learn about and apply". This week we chatted to Lead Design Engineer, Jack about his r...

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Medical device design engineer brainstorming

Hang out with Haughton | Design Development Engineer, Will

“The more you design things, the more you look at the products around you and wonder how they’ve been made, what the design process must’ve been and question why they designed it like that, and ...

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Design engineer reviewing a 3D printed medical prototype

An insight into the User Experience of Self-Injection for Medical Device Development

Despite regularly working on a variety of product and medical device projects, there are always improvements to be made and taking the time to really understand user needs is often a crucial piece to ...

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Medical Design Manager, Mark, in a design team meeting in a studio at Haughton Design

Hang out with Haughton | Design Manager, Mark

This week, Design Manager, Mark shares what attracted him to design & engineering, a typical work week and the biggest challenges he faces in his role as well as insight into the tools he uses to plan...

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Banner of HD's design workflow

Working lean for Medical Device Development

Developing drug delivery platforms and medical devices can be labour intensive and a frustratingly lengthy process, even for the simplest of devices. Here at Haughton Design, we have worked hard on op...

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