Various syringes with glass primary drug containers

Choosing Polymer or Glass Primary Drug Containers | The Advantages and Disadvantages

Most Primary Drug Containers (PDC) are made from borosilicate glass, a material that’s been used for over 100 years. However, some PDC’s are made from polymers as changing the material and manufac...

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Medical device design engineer analysing the sustainability of a plastic material for new product development

How to Make Your Design Process More Sustainable

Our aim over the recent years has been to reduce the volume of waste, and to close the loop, creating cradle to cradle systems for our clients. We would like to share why our Development Workflow has ...

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2021 in review at Haughton Design

Reflecting on 2021 at Haughton Design

Entering 2021, we were full of optimism. Despite it having been somewhat just as rocky as 2019/2020, we are proud of our achievements this year. Here is our reflection on 2021 at Haughton Design:...

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Design engineer observing the single use packaging of a medical device to improve its sustainability

Sustainable Medical Device Development: Legislation, Directives, Regulation & Standards

Design Engineer, Will, sheds light on what legislation there already is regarding sustainability and, what the future holds for sustainable medical device development....

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Design engineer testing medical devices to solve design problems

How our Innovative Problem Solving Strategies can help you

The key to developing successful products and medical devices often begins with finding unmet needs or, identifying problems with existing devices before confirming there is a market and then developi...

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Generating and Protecting IP in New Product & Medical Device Development

A patent can provide numerous benefits outside of its primary goal which is to give the inventor the legal power to prevent or pursue others who attempt to copy, manufacture, or sell their invention w...

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Clinician holding a prefilled syringe with insulin to treat a diabetes patient

Sustainability in Pre-Filled Syringes & Diabetes Care

People with diabetes use prefilled syringes to take (sometimes) multiple doses of insulin a day. Therefore, making prefilled syringes more ‘environmentally friendly’ has a potentially huge impact ...

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A diabetes patient using a blood sampling device and blood glucose meter as part of his diabetes care

A patient insight into Diabetes Care for Medical Device Development

In light of World Diabetes Day, we spoke to Chris Harrison, who has been living with Type One Diabetes for over 40 years to learn about his experiences of Diabetes Care....

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What is the new product development process with examples

Benefits of a structured New Product & Medical Device Development Process

Clients typically need to know what work needs to be done, clearly understand the investment required and when to expect delivery – our Development WorkFlow is perfect for that!...

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Human centres designer sketching wireframes for a connected medical device

The future of AI in medical device development

Senior Design Development Engineer, John, discusses some of the basics about AI as well as what’s holding AI back in the medical device development and how AI might impact the role of design enginee...

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Chartered Design Engineer, Jack, testing prototyped parts for a novel medical device

Route to Engineering Chartership | Lead Design Engineer, Jack

For many engineers, chartership can be the next logical step in their career once they’ve got a degree and worked as a professional for several years. It has benefits such as recognition of your lev...

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Design Operations Manager using Design Development workflow to recue poorly managed project

How to rescue a poorly managed development project

At Haughton Design, we’re often asked to step in to save failing projects. Although each project will require a bespoke plan, the following insight into common issues should be helpful to those mana...

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Medical Device Design & Development Engineer, Luke

Hang out with Haughton | Design Development Engineer, Luke

The HD team has grown once again! Following our most successful 12 months to date, we have further expanded the team by welcoming Luke Brown who joins as a Design Development Engineer. This week, Luke...

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FEA Services | How HD can support your project

How Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can support the New Product & Medical Device Development Process

Using FEA can be hugely beneficial to a project as it will typically reduce costs, save time and improve product performance. Further benefits arise with lower environmental impact by using reduced ma...

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Commercial & Operations Coordinator, Kathryn seated in front of Haughton Design's product & medical device development workflow

Hang out with Haughton | Commercial & Operations Manager, Kathryn

After completing my A-Levels I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career, the only thing I knew for definite after many open days was that I didn’t want to go down the typical route of universit...

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Medical device Design Engineer designing sustainable packaging for an auto-injector

The sustainability shift in packaging products & medical devices

While our primary aim is to help users lives, it’s important that we help the planet where possible too. We asked the team about some of the challenges faced as well as their discoveries and process...

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