Intellectual Property Generation, Protection & IP Battles

Haughton Design’s team members are named inventors on 24 customer patents (our customers own the IP we generate) and have a proven track record of generating valuable intellectual property and records of invention. There are many reasons for companies to build and protect IP, it’s often where a company’s highest value is achieved. HD have the experience and skills to break through IP protection in the most challenging areas. 

  • Building defences ….HD can help you ringfence your patents to protect market share and revenue, by identifying new alternative solutions before your competitors do. 
  • On the attack …. We also have the ability to study your competitors patents, thus avoiding infringement by finding novel solutions which are often worthy of patent protection themselves. 
  • Heading to higher ground…. Do you need better awareness of emerging technologies and IP landscape? We can provide you with an assessment of patent competition and prior-art based upon your area of interest.