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Introducing our new Innovation & Workshop Space…

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Haughton Design Prototyping Workshop

Almost 18 months of continuous success for Haughton Design has seen lots of progress; a successful office refurb and move, a record financial year, a number of new project wins in the Medical Device and Security sectors, plus the appointment of three new employees.

Considering we are no longer the same business we were even 2 years ago, we have chosen to reinvest in the premises we currently occupy to make the space better for our team which therefore allows us to offer a better service to clients.

We took our old office space and have completely transformed it into a new working area – we think those who saw the old space will agree that it is a huge improvement on what it once was, it’s amazing what a lick of paint can do! Aesthetically we continued with the bright and airy feel of our design studio and meeting space so incorporated the same daylight bulbs to boost energy and productivity. Rather than restrict the unit to just one working space, we wanted to give it multiple uses without making the area feel closed off so divided the space with shelving units to ultimately give us two new rooms.

The first of these is a large and collaborative meeting area – our new Innovation Space. Glassboards and plenty of empty wall space have proved to help with our brainstorming sessions, so we took what we had and made it bigger! Not only does this space work for a growing team, it also allows us to bring clients into our brainstorming and innovation sessions or design reviews if they wish.

Having limited workshop facilities was becoming a problem, especially as clients are keen for us to build and test prototypes in house. The second part of the room has now become a dedicated workshop and prototyping area with enough facilities to keep the team happy and meet all your needs. We’ve given the team a bigger work bench area, more storage space and a range of new equipment to enable them to work on your projects as swiftly as possible.

The new facilities are already proving a hit with our design team and clients have already commented on the benefits they’ve seen from the improvements too. There’s not much space we can optimise now so hopefully the investment will last long enough before we need to move! Take a look at the new space below: