Following another successful year at Haughton Design, we would like to welcome Weronika to the team.

Weronika brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles where she developed medical devices for another UK-based consultancy. Most recently, Weronika was a key member in the product team for household names such as Sainsbury’s and Poundland, ensuring product compliance and delivering successful product strategies through analysis of trends and consumer behaviour.

This week Weronika shares an introduction to herself and her role at HD.

What was the pathway to your role?

After completing a Masters in Product Design at Sheffield Hallam, I stayed in Sheffield working for a design consultancy. Whilst there, I worked on various projects, some were focused on aesthetics rather than function, others were more practical.

Next, I joined the retail world, working for Sainsbury’s Argos where I looked after the Seasonal and Outdoor categories. Continuing with the fast-paced retail environment, I joined Poundland where I covered most of the general merchandise e.g., events, DIY, gardening. Working within the technical team, my responsibility was to ensure the products were safe, legal and fit for purpose.

Why did you choose product design and engineering, and how does this help you in business development?

I have always been interested in Product Design and Maths. As a child I used to draw on walls at home. When I started school, I loved Maths, I really enjoyed solving equations. When I went to study Product Design at Sheffield Hallam, I enjoyed designing for a reason e.g., to change or improve someone’s life, to make a difference.
My knowledge and understanding of Product Design is extremely helpful with Business Development. It helps me communicate with clients and our design team.

Where do you find design inspiration?

I like to think inspiration is all around us. I wouldn’t say there is ever only one place to find it. For me, it’s usually when I’m walking or jogging that I get the best ideas. Being outdoors helps me to be creative.

Why did you join HD?

I always enjoyed designing with a purpose and seeing design improve people’s lives. I found it very motivating and rewarding. Medical devices and designing for children have always been my top two interests. Hence why I have been following Haughton Design for a while, seeing what they are doing and their achievements. I love the company, the people, their culture as well as the amazing work that they do. Joining HD was the best career move I have done.

What motivates you, both at home and work?

At work, my main motivation is to make a difference. I enjoy working on projects and processes which I know will make a positive impact and will improve the ways of working. I never enjoyed working on projects which are just tick box exercises. I also love working on personal development therefore, any projects or exercises which help me with that, also keep me motivated.

At home, I am motivated by my family. My family is my biggest cheerleading group. They support me and keep me motivated.

Weronika Stepien 24 August 2023


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After achieving a Masters degree in Product Design from Sheffield Hallam, Weronika established her professional career in Sheffield working for a design consultancy, developing products such as hand dryers, sporting equipment and medical devices. Weronika then moved into the fast-paced retail sector, managing product campaigns, reviewed consumer purchasing preferences, conducted trend analysis, and worked within the technical team ensuring product compliance regarding quality, safety, and legal. In Weronika’s spare time, she likes going on long walks with her dog, enjoys home improvements and going out for runs.

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