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One of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies approached HD to help them develop concepts and prototypes of a combined sampling and blood glucose meter. The project generated valuable IP and created 3 distinct concepts for review. One of these concepts was developed and engineered to create 10 working proof of concept and styling prototypes.

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The IP generated by HD’s team led to our client obtaining numerous patents for their innovative new blood glucose meter and various features within it. Combining sampling and the meter into one device would significantly improve the lives of users by being more discreet and easy to use. The project was turned around very quickly allowing our client to review various concepts, understand both technical and commercial feasibility, and assess prototypes before making strategic decisions on the opportunity they were considering for their business.

We are extremely happy with the designs and prototypes, especially the quality and pace at which the project has been delivered. – Undisclosed client

What happened and was supplied for this medical device project?

HD commenced the project by researching existing sampling and meter devices, their everyday functionality and the process undertaken by diabetic users. We worked with members of our client’s team to take their early-stage idea and develop more detailed design ideas for review before generating 3 distinct design concepts for assessment by our client’s wider team.

One concept was chosen to develop into a styling prototype consisting of an electronic UI with cycling screen displays showing operating instructions and example results. Another was more complex with working mechanisms and to be used as a proof of principle prototype. Externally, the proof of principle prototype was developed as a palm held unit with user interface screen displaying operating/sequence instructions and example result read outs. It incorporated an aperture for safe lancing with needle stick protection, a dummy lancet and sampling node, a charging port, and a flip out cap to accommodate a sampling/lateral flow cartridge.

Internally, the device comprised of a rechargeable battery, drive motor gearbox and timing belt drive, various PCB’s and sensors. HD designed, engineered, built, and delivered 10 proof of principle prototypes and 10 styling prototypes allowing our client to make strategic decisions on further development of the technology for their business.

The proof of principle prototypes were manufactured to the same aesthetic level as the simpler styling prototypes which allowed a better understanding of client’s wider team when assessing the device’s functionality and perceived benefits for the user.

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