Device development can be difficult. Knowing what to develop is one thing but knowing how to develop it is another. Design Development Engineer, Will, shares some advice for selecting the right medical device design & development partner:

Medical Device Development, like all typical projects, is a complex process and is near impossible to do in isolation. Through dedicated partnership and collaboration, a device can be developed from concept through to manufacture and launched to market successfully.

In some circumstances, it can be inefficient and costly to employ a large internal design team that’s capable of developing a successful medical device. Here at HD, most of our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients already have an internal design team and use HD as a bolt on partner to increase capacity or capability, as and when it’s required. Other clients don’t have internal capacity and rely solely on HD to develop their devices from start to finish. Either way, we understand that selecting and curating a team to develop a new medical device is no easy feat.

Selecting a device development partner shouldn’t always solely be based on who provides the lowest quote or completes the project in the shortest timeframe, but also based on a multitude of qualitative factors:


Within our meetings with potential clients, we have natural and open conversations to ensure that you understand who we are, and how we might be of assistance. We also take considerable time and effort to also understand you, your team, your projects, and your devices to really understand why you’re embarking on this project.

When the conversation gets more technical, for example when we’re talking about a specific project or roadmap, we employ several tools to ensure we capture all of your information, and prompt to ask challenging questions to ensure a project plan is well mapped out. This is captured within our Project Input Document, for the entire team to access, ensuring that no matter who we bring onboard for the project, they can swiftly and effectively get up to speed.

Transparent & Realistic:

Once we’ve understood you and your project, and you understand us, we’ll let you know whether we feel that we’re the right fit for you, or whether you might be better off using a slightly different development strategy, using another type of service, or working with an entirely different partner who will be able to bring more value to the project.

Haughton Design's New Product & Medical Device Design Process

We pride ourselves on honesty, realism and transparency. We don’t wish to waste anyone’s time or investment by giving the illusion of false pretences. We let people enquiring about our services know whether or not we believe we’re a suitable device development partner for their specific project and commercial needs.

Capability & Confidence:

Once we believe that we’re a suitable development partner, our goal is to build confidence with you that we have the right capabilities to suit your project requirements. We do this by discussing similar devices that we may have worked on, and bring in engineers and designers into these early conversations to talk passionately about their experiences, and talk about how your plan may work, and most importantly, any discoveries made through prior developments.

Where possible, we’ll propose development plans using our unique and highly proven Medical Device Development Workflow. It clearly maps out the typical stages of a medical development project, what we propose to deliver, when we will deliver it , and the commercials for each stage and/or line item.


Our team at HD are highly passionate designers and engineers, and our goal is for the projects we work on to create an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere where creativity and innovation can flourish. Our curious nature drives us to reduce risk where possible, not by pessimistically pointing out design flaws, but by optimistically identifying opportunities for improvement. Our team dedicate serious brain power and time thinking about your projects requirements to improve both patient and business outcomes.

In conclusion, selecting a device development partner is not just about finding the most experienced company for the project, but also, and possibly more importantly, about finding the right partner for you, your team and the project in question.

Let’s have a conversation and dedicate some time to getting to know one another – please get in touch to discuss your project.

William Morris - Senior Design Development Engineer & Business Development Manager at Haughton Design Will Morris 5 August 2022


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Senior Design Development Engineer & Business Development Manager

Will graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in Product Design. Prior to Haughton Design, Will worked for Renishaw, where he led the industrial design for the current and next generation metal Additive Manufacturing machines. Will has a strong interest in Design for Sustainability, and the Circular Economy, looking to reduce companies’ environmental impact and often teaches about design engineering at local STEM events. Outside of work, Will enjoys Formula 1, rugby and travelling with friends.

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