HD - Lee Smith Promoted to Design & Operations Director

Lee Smith promoted to Design & Operations Director

By 26 September 2019 News No Comments
Lee Smith is Haughton Design's Design and Operations Director

Following a very successful 7 years as Head of Design, we are delighted to announce Lee Smith has taken a stake in Haughton Design, becoming Design & Operations Director – with immediate effect. In the past two years he’s built a very capable design and development team and streamlined our operations too. It’s allowed us to grow strongly, despite the current uncertainty throughout the UK economy.

Along with the undoubted commercial success, Lee’s introduced numerous initiatives for improving our working environment, simplifying our processes and encouraging our staff to work smarter, not just harder. The balance created has been instrumental in improving our efficiency and making HD a desirable place to work for both our current and future colleagues.

Working closely with the wider team, our clients and our Managing Director, Lee has plenty of ambition left to achieve some challenging goals. We will shortly be announcing further developments within Haughton Design and improvements to our offer through increased electronics capability. If you want to know more about how to get more from your design and development resource, please get in touch.