Manufacturing Supply Chains

Manufacturing Supply Chains

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Outsourcing design and engineering work not only helps an organisation get their product to market on time, it creates a strong supply chain of employment supporting the UK economy.

Strong manufacturing networks will support UK companies and result in a strengthened economy

Take for example Ultra Electronics, a powerhouse within the British Design and Manufacturing industry and primary SC21 supplier, with over 26 companies. Not only does this company support the UK economy creating thousands of jobs, its extensive supply chain is a shining example as it engages with a range of companies from; freelancers, SMEs and larger organisations.

Haughton Design, a design development consultancy, based in Staffordshire has worked closely with Ultra Electronics (PMES) for over four years as one of their key suppliers. Within those years Haughton Design has worked on various projects including an electronic control cabinet and subsea sensors, along with equipment for their deployment. The team have been able to provide additional design and engineering capabilities to overcome significant design challenges. The design consultancy has become an extension of Ultra’s internal design resource, which has created a positive working relationship for both parties.

Ultra have provided the company with a variety of demanding design briefs, and have benefitted from Haughton Design’s ability to deliver innovative engineering designs. Ultra PMES Principal Systems Engineer has praised the strong working relationship “Haughton Design is a very proactive team, suggesting practical design solutions. The quality of work has allowed us to reduce our manufacturing time to get the product to market quickly.”

As the UK manufacturing sector ramps up, strong manufacturing networks will support UK companies and result in a strengthened economy.