We’ve got a new HD design studio!

Haughton Design's new design studio

You may have seen our previous post showing what looked to be a building site (we promise it wasn’t, take a look here), but now we’re pleased to reveal the transformation into part 1 of our new HD design studio!

Following months of hard work from contractors, suppliers and the team at Haughton Design, the studio was completed in early 2018 and we’ve been settling in since. We knew the change was going to be no easy task. We needed an area that would grow with us, an area that would inspire creativity and innovative thinking, and an area that is Haughton Design at it’s very best.

The renovation started with our talented team brainstorming ideas and digitally mocking up how we wanted the area to look. With a few tweaks along the way, the main office is now a collaborative and flexible space where everyone feels upbeat and part of the team. Research suggests you’re only productive for a miniscule 2 hours, 53 minutes during the work day, so we’ve put a breakout area in where we can step away and recharge to make sure the work we put out is always of HD quality. Our new lights, a favourite of Lee Smith, our Head of Design & Innovation, replicate natural daylight to boost our productivity further and we encourage everyone to take time out of their day to take walks around the block to rejuvenate

Work benches and brainstorming boards ensure no idea goes unnoticed or forgotten and we can work on prototypes as and when needed. We’re proud to be named on 19 patents so have displayed a few of these on the walls, along with our HD development workflows, both the standard and medical device development versions.

Next on the list is renovating our second unit into a specialist R&D area which reflects the look of the main office. We plan on having a larger work bench and tooling area with additional brainstorming space to inspire our creative minds.

We’re proud of our team and the work we deliver and know to continue meeting the high standards and expectations our clients have of us, we need to give our designers and engineers a happy and creative space to work in. Thank you to all the suppliers, contractors, the HD team and our clients for helping us continuously grow and develop.