New funding opportunities for early stage design

By 6 December 2016 News No Comments

Design Foundations: – Grant Funding for Early-stage Design. 


Design Foundations is a new £3m grant funding programme from Innovate UK to help businesses identify innovation opportunities. Generate better propositions for desirable, useful, feasible products, services and business models. The aim is to build collaborations between businesses looking for new ways to innovate, and designers with the creative tools to provide this insight. It means using design interventions to address critical business challenges such as tackling the right problems, keeping ahead of market drivers, ensuring commercial viability, building business capability.

This is smart initiative to boost the success from design investment. Too many businesses don’t adequately assess their markets before launching into full scale design development and engineering. Unfortunately, they focus too much on the technology they have developed rather than a human centred user experience which drives the demand needed for a successful product.

If you are considering the development of a novel and innovative new product then this initiative might prove useful to you. Why not take a look as successful applicants can be awarded up to £100k!