Executive Summary:

Aerospace company Goodrich, now Collins Aerospace, engaged with Haughton Design’s new product development service to develop a novel technology demonstrator. HD provided detailed design and engineering work before manufacturing the device which demonstrated an advanced new mechanism used to deploy the leading edge on an aircraft wing.

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Haughton Design worked seamlessly with Goodrich to develop their new demonstration unit and meet a challenging deadline. In doing so, Goodrich were able to free-up their in-house team by utilising HD’s team of expert designers and engineers. The extra resource and capability provided allowed them to focus on other key projects to help move their business forwards. The working demonstrator provided increased confidence in the technology, improving buy-in from all stakeholders which significantly increased interest for the technology from potential customers. Ultimately, designing and manufacturing the demonstrator led to faster delivery of a new technology to primary aircraft manufacturers. The final unit was lightweight without compromising on robustness, with a high-quality finish and actuation throughout deployment of the system.

Thanks for the model, what I have seen is good, very good. Please pass on my great thanks to everyone for your hard work. – Goodrich

This demonstrator was based on a core technology concept created by Goodrich’s R&D team. HD we engaged because the technology and system appeared relatively simple in design but the actuation profile was complex. Although it was possible to articulate the CAD models, there was uncertainty that a physical system would work and a sophisticated deployment profile could be achieved.

The CAD models of the concept design were shared with HD’s designers and engineers who then engineered it to ensure the demonstrator would work and achieve the output required. “A model which would work like the real thing, that is robust but light and which would give confidence that this technology can be developed to work on an aircraft – and fly!”

HD thoroughly engineered the entire system to meet the brief and then worked with our suppliers to manufacture a high quality portable, bench top model which could be manually deployed and stowed by the various stakeholders and potential customers in technical meetings. The demonstrator was designed to be integrated within it’s own robust transport case which provided a feeling of high quality and value. The case was very lightweight, easily portable and could be carried like a suitcase, so it could be transported in cars and taken onto aircraft to various international customers.

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