Executive Summary:

HD produced a number of innovative concepts for a wearable medical device whilst navigating around existing patents to produce a product that was easy to use, comfortable to wear and highly cost effective to manufacture.

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HD’s work enabled our client to enter a very competitive market with a novel design. Using our idea judgement matrix helped to select the best concept to not only meet but exceed the needs of the brief. Through good design, we improved the user experience of both patient and medical practitioner.

The work you’ve done has been fantastic and we are happy with the refined concept. We’ve ended up with a great solution!

After thoroughly reviewing competitor patents for existing gastroenterology products, we set about picking out key words from the patent claims and looking at the antonyms.

For instance, where a feature was described as being ‘substantially within’, we would focus on concepts where the feature could be located ‘outside’. By using this approach, we ensured that we were avoiding any patent infringement and we were producing unique concepts.

Following a number of brainstorming sessions with the HD team, several broad-brush concepts were produced and presented in sketch format. The concepts were scored against each other using our idea judgement matrix to get a clear comparison of the ideas weighing up IP risk, usability, comfort, manufacturability as well as other key requirements. The final chosen concept was refined in SoildWorks and handed over to our client’s internal design team to take it through the patent application process.

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