Design Development

Concept designs are developed to a more detailed level so prototypes or a one-off bespoke piece of equipment or prototypes can be manufactured. We engineer our designs with consideration for manufacture from the outset, utilising 3D CAD and simulation techniques to ensure it is fit for purpose. At this stage, it is important to develop designs swiftly, with a right first-time mentality. Often blending traditional manufacturing and 3D methodologies for the best balance of cost/performance, it is common to make prototypes for novel and complex projects. Activities may need to suit regulatory requirements and the detailed scope of work.

Manufacturing data

Manufacturing drawings are produced and supplied with 3D or 2D data, for efficient manufacture of parts and assemblies. With critical dimensions, materials, heat treatments and finishes detailed, the drawings allow designs to be easily manufactured through various sources. Alternatively, prototypes for additive or CNC manufacturing may not require sophisticated drawings so a design intent document will be supplied as an alternative.

Prototype Build & Testing

The manufacture, build and test of prototypes allows concepts to be proven and early stage products to be developed quickly. Some complex and novel projects may require a number of iterations of prototypes (Phase 2B) to achieve the breakthrough required. We physically build prototype mechanical parts and bought out items together with basic PCB and breadboard components. This gathers knowledge for volume manufacturing. Prototype test rigs and external test houses may be utilised to gather key performance data and results. The prototypes created are often used for feedback in Human Factors studies or to gather early market/user feedback.