Design for Volume

Design optimisation, through detailed development and thorough engineering, is used to ensure the product is robust and cost effective to manufacture in higher volumes. The prototype design is rebuilt to suit volume production techniques and to suit the manufacturing methods selected for each component. This stage is likely to include advanced CAD techniques, such as FEA, tolerance analysis and automated assembly considerations. These activities are to ensure the design is robust across the tolerance ranges. Careful and thorough engineering will ensure the design can handle the various use and environmental scenarios whilst remaining compliant with the design specification. Development activities may be monitored and managed using techniques such as dFMEA’s and FTA to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Manufacturing Data 

Manufacturing drawings are produced and supplied with 3D or 2D data, for efficient manufacture of parts and assemblies. With critical dimensions and toleranced features, materials, heat treatments and finishes, the drawings allow designs to be cost effectively manufactured and assembled in high volumes. We liaise with suppliers throughout the design optimisation process to ensure robust design and manufacturing requirements are achieved.

Prototype, Tooling & Validation

Production intent prototypes are manufactured, often from soft tooling, built and tested to confirm functionality and performance. We liaise with suppliers during tooling manufacture and provide support whilst trials are conducted, to ensure all design requirements are met. First-off components and assemblies are checked to ensure designs can be verified and the final product validated.


The design is transferred during industrialisation through delivery of a final data pack and provision of support for all stakeholders. We will liaise and can provide our services, tooling or components to ensure the transfer is smooth, ensuring the product can be fully industrialised and marketed as efficiently as possible.

You can choose your own manufacturing partners to suit your specific business or project needs. Haughton Design are highly flexible in our approach so will support you on an ‘as required basis’ throughout the entire Industrialisation process. You can pick and choose from or simple WorkFlow menu, as required, when the time comes.