Phishing Scam – Beware

By 6 September 2018 News No Comments
David Mills Phishing Scam Awareness

Beware of mail phishing scam using LinkedIn

Unfortunately, our MD’s email and LinkedIn account has been compromised and sent out emails to addresses suggesting a file is downloaded via a link. PLEASE DELETE ANY EMAIL RECEIVED from David Mills on 06.09.18 between 09:00 and 12:00 containing a contract/partnership offer with a link requesting your password!

It wasn’t an obvious virus but was picked up from a known contact who appeared they needed to share a large contract file. As a design company it is common for large files to be sent to us so it wasn’t unusual. Contact was made to check it was genuine via Linkedin and to check all was above board and safe to download. The reply was fine and made sense, however his account had already been hacked. The hacker sent a password reset request to LinkedIn and changed it without him knowing. The answer received was from the hacker saying the file was safe to download. At the same time, once the email account was accessed, they sent out phishing emails using rules in Outlook to delete all incoming messages so it was difficult to see something untoward was going on. Fortunately our IT support company OGL did a splendid job of picking it up and other people started calling to warn us. Passwords were changed to kick out the hacker as soon as it was noticed. However, unfortunately, it was only after the fraudulent contract download request had gone out to a number of people.

We notified everyone receiving the email as soon as possible but we received many calls and messages which made it very difficult to instantly deal with things for everyone. It was a very hectic time and our priority was to inform people as quickly as possible to try to prevent them having the same problem.

If you have received an unusual email dated 06.09.18 between 09:00 and 12:00 from Haughton Design, PLEASE DELETE it immediately. It appears not to be a problem, if you just opened it but it sends you off to open a link that requests your password. DO NOT open the link or enter your password! If you entered your password, unfortunately you then need to change your Microsoft password IMMEDIATELY. If you do this quickly you will likely not have the same problem. It’s important to change your LinkedIn password quickly too, if you have one.

We are not aware of any other issues and our internal systems were completely unaffected. We are investigating further and hopefully this will be the end of the problem. We will implement any changes suggested by our IT support team to try to prevent this happening again. It seems, despite being careful and checking, it’s not enough to rely on anything than a verbal cross check from someone you know. In the meantime we hope you remain unaffected and apologise sincerely if you are.