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Thanks to a real cluster of engineering plastics and polymer expertise at Staffordshire Technology Park, a specialist group has been formed to leverage each company’s expertise. After years of working together informally, EMS-ChemieAbbey PolymersAddmaster and Haughton Design believe this will benefit our clients and other businesses using polymers and additives in their products as it’s unusual to have so much practical experience located in one place. We’re very lucky to be so close, we can easily get together to help with polymer selection and solving problems associated with designs, materials or manufacture.

Each business has lots of expertise in it’s own right but combining our knowledge and resource will add real value for our client’s. There are now things we can do together, to generate solutions, that just wasn’t possible on our own.

We really look forward to working more closely with everyone and encourage anyone considering metal replacement, soft touch materials or additives for anti-microbials or material verification to get in touch. If you just have problem with anything polymer related then again, let us know!

And finally, thanks Jane for pulling the group together, it’s such a powerful idea.