• External fresh thinking for IP generation
  • Protection of existing IP
  • Faster concept development
  • Completion of new product development tasks without affecting core activities


Project Background:

Haughton design provided an independent view and fresh ideas to generate numerous patentable solutions for this project. Our real-world experience of design for manufacture from the Automotive, Aerospace and general high volume manufacturing sectors means our skills have been honed to generate ideas which can be developed and manufactured quickly. Haughton Design has been involved in numerous projects to create new IP which we have developed to working prototypes. Typically clients are looking to overcome challenges but sometimes it is just to ring fence their own ideas. Various processes are used to generate new ideas which we then discuss how to develop with the client. Our highly flexible approach means we can pass the IP back to the client, develop it for them at Haughton Design or collaborate with them as a project. The rights to all IP generated, including work that leads to patents is fully owned by our clients meaning that once a project is complete our clients are able to fully exploit the commercial opportunities that arise.