• Easy access, bolt on design expertise and resource
  • Complete design service including hand calculations, detailed FEA
  • Designed for manufacture from the outset with tolerance analysis and assembly process included


Project Background:

TAS were contracted to design and manufacture a complete wing flap actuation system for a small business jet which was to be delivered under extremely challenging time scales. TAS required additional resource to achieve the system deadlines so engaged Haughton Design to develop an outline concept design of a novel Flap Drive Unit. Requiring significant reductions in it’s weight and further development of features to meet additional performance requirements from their client, HD delivered the first stage on time and to an agreed budget. A further contract was awarded to HD to fully design and detail the FDU for testing and full scale manufacture for flight. Throughout the project we worked closely with the TAS team to fully develop the unit to suit TAS’s design review process, involving detailed mechanical engineering calculations and FEA to ensure all weight and performance requirements were met. A full machining and detailed drawing data pack was produced for the FDU including a general arrangement, BOM and sub-assembly build drawings to ensure the unit was correctly built, lubricated and with fasteners correctly torqued etc. The first unit was assembled dry at the first attempt before being stripped and examined before being rebuilt wet ready for testing. Testing involved extensive in house tests including low temperature, all passed without issue. It is now in qualification prior to vibration and climatic testing.