• Easy access, bolt on design expertise and resource
  • Complete design service including hand calculations, detailed FEA
  • Designed for manufacture from the outset with tolerance analysis and assembly process included
  • Turnkey test rig delivery within required time frame, no project delays


Project Background:

BE Aerospace’s existing supplier base could not meet the required delivery time for this project so HD were approached to design, build and deliver a test rig for a new range of seating components. To compound matters the rig was required, delivered and installed in Northern Ireland just after the main summer holiday period. This project required us to concept, design and develop the test rig rapidly then use and co-ordinate our network of suppliers to ensure all items were available and could be assembled within a very short time period. The project was challenging but through careful application of concurrent design principles, selection of materials and equipment we could compress the development time significantly. Our strong relationships with high quality suppliers, flexibility and willingness to help our customer meant the rig was delivered on time and to budget so testing was able to start as soon as aircraft components were available.

*original seat being tested has been removed from the render to protect client’s IP