• Continued engineering partnership resulted in a fast project handover and understanding.
  • Complete design service including calculations and detailed FEA.
  • One testing station, multiple product tests.
  • Repeatable and accurate testing analysis.


Project Background:

Haughton Design, have been working together with UTC Aerospace over many years to develop bespoke fixtures for specialist assembly applications. We were asked to develop a fixture capable of holding two similar actuators, then assemble and secure individual components at various stages of the process.

The key benefit we needed to include was to greatly reduce the input force requirements to tighten each element, as operators were inputting loads up to 70kg. This process involved tightening bespoke threaded items to very high torque values and our task was to decrease this input by four-fold.

Working with some basic existing elements the fixture was totally redesigned to house dedicated equipment to significantly reduce this strain on the operators. To fully verify the design, FEA was conducted to ensure maximum loads were achievable without excessive stress or deflection. The process although slightly longer, has now provided a much safer working environment.