• Intellectual property generated
  • Improved usability and performance
  • Market leading features
  • Successful collaboration with Assa Abloy in-house design team


Haughton Design were approached by Assa Abloy – Yale, to work alongside their in-house design team to provide an industrial design service and establish an aesthetic for a new ‘smart living’ lock. The challenge was to design an aesthetic that would be complimentary to a range of door styles and colours whilst conveying a modern “smart” look. Styling cues where taken from the Yale logo and existing products to ensure the new smart lock would complement the range and be recognisable as a Yale product.

HD took time to truely understand the design language of Yale, and their future direction into the era of connected devices for home security. This deep level of immersion research naturally resulted in a series of design concepts that were gradually refined over time, growing into a minimalistic yet elegent form factor. The highly technically advanced smart living lock technology that the Yale engineers developed was able to be wrapped up into a design that emphasises purity and ease of use. The product was so successful after launch that was awarded ‘Security Product of the Year’ by DIY Week Awards.

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