Haughton Design’s approach to GDPR

Haughton Design is a fair and responsible company which always endeavours to operate ethically. We have a full privacy policy available should you wish to read it. However, please be assured that as a business to business company we do not wish to collect your personal data or pass it on.

As you would expect, if you wish to subscribe to newsletters or perhaps download a helpful article or file from us, and you are not operating as a business, we will likely request some personal information from you. You may therefore decline to continue. However, if you do provide your personal information, it will be held securely and may be used to offer more information which may be helpful or of interest to you in the future.

In accordance with GDPR, you can unsubscribe or ask for your data to be completely removed from our system at any time using our enquiries@haughtondesign.co.uk address.

Our full privacy policy can be found here.