A  faster  design and development process

Where did our design WorkFlow process come from?

Our heritage is built from challenging product design, development and engineering projects from many industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing. This expertise provides solid foundations for our unique service, allowing us to operate effectively across the medical devices, product, mechanical and electronic design disciplines. Our creative yet structured WorkFlow process, is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. We get independently audited, so you can be assured of world class quality. Our WorkFlow systems conform to regulatory requirements yet are extremely efficient.  It means our clients save time, money and get their products to market more quickly. The video above shows our entire product development process, complete with a real life product, in just two minutes.

A phase and stage gate approach, with smart project management

We use the same phased and stage gate WorkFlow approach to design & development for all of the projects we undertake. New products & medical devices flow through a three phase, streamlined, concept, prototype and optimisation process. The process is stage gated for optimal efficiency, and to ensure products are designed robustly.

Our specialist, one off projects, don’t have the luxury of prototypes so need to be right first time. For this type of work, we don’t need to complete the optimisation phase so can release manufacturing drawings much earlier in the WorkFlow process.

Creative, industrial design skills with solid engineering

Our skill is to give our industrial designers free reign to create aesthetic images to challenge our clients and focus groups. Our design engineers then develop selected designs through visualisation, 3D modelling, engineering design, detailing, prototype, testing and on into manufacture.

Specialist services and flexibility

Our clients have access to very specific expertise such as FEA and mechanical calculations with the reassurance that projects will be delivered on time and with a fully traceable design binder or design history file. Our approach frees up your time to concentrate on overall project management and winning new projects whilst we take care of the entire design process.

Our flexibility and confidence means it’s possible to enter or leave the Haughton Design service offering at any point to suit your project, safe in the knowledge that the HD team are working hard to ensure your project’s success at every stage.

Clarity of our process and the costs

We work very hard to ensure the product development process is as clear and efficient as possible, we have created very clear, effective documentation to make life easy for everyone. From the outset of engaging with us we provide details of the work flow we will use to develop a new product or piece of equipment. Your specific project may require all or just some of the stages and services that we offer, we will clearly indicate the work and output we propose in our product development process. Wherever possible we will provide fixed prices for what is required, with defined budget ranges and timings, for those that need to be considered by you.

Intellectual property and prototypes, valuable IP

Please be aware that your project is likely to be innovative so will generate valuable intellectual property. With this benefit comes added risk and complexity so it is usual to develop prototypes, then test and verify their performance. We endeavour to minimise design and prototype iterations so can often complete projects within a basic two phase approach but please be aware that there may need to be alpha and beta prototypes to achieve the outcome you need.

Support, reassurance and control

Neither side may not currently know exactly what is required from the later stages of a project but please be assured we will always try to help. We can project manage or support you and your chosen manufacturing partners through prototyping, testing, into production and on into the future too. We can also deal with changes to specifications or other deviations swiftly, we will go fixed price if the work is substantial and clear to us or drop onto on an hourly rate basis if the change is small or variable. You will be in control as we will ask and agree any additional costs for these activities at the time.

It is our unique, flexible and collaborative approach that means you always have choices and clarity on how to move forward. Our stage gate and phased work flow means you also know we will be constantly striving to deliver what you need at the time it is expected.