Design Project Set Up, Discovery and Immersion

Strong design foundations

Our project set up, discovery and immersion stage provides solid foundations from which to design effectively. Through careful planning and effective gathering of design input information we will identify opportunities and issues swiftly. Clear design input will kick start the development process and provide a clear route map for your project as a whole.

This phase of work will:

  • Explore and identify opportunities by researching the market and observation to understand what users really want from a product.
  • Investigate technical challenges and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce time to market by kick start your design project with clear inputs for rapid start-up & design delivery.
  • Develop a partnership approach to leverage both sides’ knowledge and maximise returns on the design investment being made.
  • Use industry best practice design planning to BS 7000-2 with self-management of the design team to ensure your project is kept on track & complies with all regulatory requirements.