High Quality Manufacturing Data

High quality 3D design data with fully detailed 2D drawings

We realise that our designs need to be manufactured efficiently, the design team will work hard to ensure you will:

  • Receive high quality 3D data output with fully detailed drawings for pain free manufacture of parts and products.
  • Be provided with a full set of data to ensure no project delays and hassles.
  • The output and manufacturing support we provide will ensure suppliers understand exactly what is required from them and they can cost effectively deliver high quality products, exactly when required

Phase 1 output: prototype data

The data required for prototype manufacture is often simpler and less demanding than when designing for volume or a finished product. We typically release 3D CAD files, (STEP & IGES) with 2D drawings detailed sufficiently to allow prototypes to be manufactured. These drawings are usually not as detailed as those generated for volume manufacturing because the processes and very low volumes allow hand fitting and finishing of prototypes to achieve the performance required from the product.

Phase 2 output: volume manufacturing data

The data produced for volume manufacture is very detailed, specifying materials, heat treatments, finishes, geometric tolerances and fits. Drawings of 3D forms such as plastic mouldings, castings and pressings will often refer to 3D CAD data with specified critical dimensions for checking and conformance to required tolerance bands. The drawings and 3D data can be used by global suppliers to produce consistent, high quality, components for the products being manufactured.