M1200 Herbicide-Free Weed Control Machine


M600 Herbicide-Free Weed Control Machine

Gearbox test station case study

Gearbox Test Station

Seward MK3 Rendering

Stomacher 400

Design case study industrial Airbox VariFlow Air Sampling

Airbox VariFlow Air Sampling

design case study industrial pipework

Pipework System & Induction Welding System

design case study consumer Waste Compactor & Docking Station

Waste Compactor & Docking Station


Hydraulic Articulating Arm

design case study defence Marine Sensor Combined footage

Marine Sensor Diverless Deployment System for Marine Tracking

design case study industrial stubble cultivator simba

TL300 Stubble Cultivator

design case study industrial seed drill

Seed Drill Hopper Cover

design case study scientific vee shell pharmaceutical blender

Vee Shell Blender

design case study industrial Economiser Heat Exchanger

Economiser Heat Exchanger

design case study industrial Genesis Discharge Units

Discharge Units

design case study industrial rapid lift visualisation

Rapid Lift Visualisation

design case study defence Impeller Assembly Tooling

Impeller Assembly Tooling

design case study industrial crankcase

Crankcase Casting Turnover

fan impellor 1

Fan impellor optimisation – to reduce part count and fabrication

design case study electronics cabinet

Electric Control Cabinet

Industrial & Scientific Sector

Delivering high performance, expertly engineered products

Design and development of industrial products

Take a look at just a few of our previous projects to assess our capabilities, all are complete with reviews from world class companies. However don’t just think of the past, think about how such expertise, with flair, talent, determination and flexibility can be tailored to suit your requirements both now and into the future?

Our unique blend of creativity, innovation and engineering expertise makes us the ideal choice to develop industrial products and equipment. Our team is highly experienced in developing technically demanding products that need to perform reliably in arduous conditions but still look good and be easy to use.

Haughton Design’s industrial clients typically manufacture in relatively small volumes or batches which adds an extra challenge to achieve an aesthetically pleasing product which is befitting of the technology and performance it provides. Our expertise is in creating design’s that add value and which can be manufactured cost effectively in our client’s own or their selected manufacturing partners facilities. If you are an industrial company looking for a turnkey electronic or mechanical development solution then please give us a call.