Medical device development cartoon

Design and development flexibility, exactly when required

As a highly respected medical device design and engineering company, we are a ready-made team providing first class device development services to our clients. We deliver high quality ISO 13485: 2016 certified, cost effective services which will quickly increase your design capacity and resources. Using a highly structured process and system to manage all your projects, we ensure our work is delivered on time and to budget, creating long-term relationships with the companies we serve.

Using an external, fully accredited and established design team means quick access to medical device expertise, and a more flexible approach to speed things up. You don’t need to waste time continuously inducting on-site sub-contractors, or repeatedly explaining your product’s CAD or management systems to new staff. HD is a well-run, highly adaptable resource with established relationships to world class experts, they are flexible in approach too, so knowledge is available at all stages of a project. We can simply expand, and contract to deliver technical capability, exactly when required.

If you are encountering difficulties, need expertise, resource or have a problem to solve then please give us a call, we will always try to help.

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