Our Design, Development and Engineering Services will create robustly designed prototypes, products and medical devices. We ensure user needs are satisfied – whilst materials, design for manufacture (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) are considered throughout.

HD are a creative and innovative design team with engineering at our heart. Our designers and engineers fully understand the importance of producing novel designs, which can frequently be patented, but also appreciate thorough design, development and engineering is required to fully control the products and devices which are being created.

Robust Design practices, DFM (Design for Manufacture) and DFA (Design for Assembly) are utilised throughout the process to ensure your product or medical device will work beautifully. The drawings and data pack we provide will ensure every component is under full design control and can be efficiently manufactured to the quality standards you require.

We are able use our design, development and engineering skills to help you in any stage of the process. The HD design team utilises a highly visual and effective stage gated device development process which means it is always easy to see what needs to be done, by who and when. Our services can be used for a full project, a single development stage or we can supply specific services simply to help complete your own project more quickly.

When required we can create a comprehensive design history file with accurate, traceable records and the documentation generated throughout a project. This ensures our work can be easily slotted back into your own QMS and used as part of a submission for regulatory approval.

Creating a great design and 3D CAD models are no use unless the design is properly characterised and well controlled through the identification of critical dimensions and thorough tolerance analysis. HD’s team have the knowledge and expertise to identify key features, reduce tolerance stacks and generate fully detailed, toleranced drawings to ensure your manufacturing suppliers are able to deliver accurate components to the required standards.

We have true expertise in Design for Manufacture and Device Industrialisation so can provide support long after a design project is complete to help with ongoing optimisation, compliance or deal with unexpected production issues.

If you need help with design and engineering, please get in touch for an informal discussion.


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