Use our FEA, simulation and kinematic analysis service to generate robustly designed products and devices which perform as intended.

HD provides cost effective Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services by using simulation & kinematic analysis software to optimise and verify our designs, and those of our clients too. We identify, then calculate load scenarios and conduct FEA to ensure they conform to specified performance requirements. By using world class simulation software, we will provide you with results for deflection, peak stress, computational fluid dynamics or thermal analysis.

This allows better decisions to be made throughout the development process ensuring designs are robustly engineered and fully optimised to meet all necessary requirements.

We are a design team who fully understands FEA results and what needs to be done with designs to achieve the outcomes our clients require.

The benefits of using FEA services and Simulation

One key advantage of using HD for your FE Analysis is that we interpret results then provide practical design advice and guidance to overcome any issues identified in the process. We’ve optimised many designs and used simulation to:

  • Reduce component weight
  • Improve rigidity/flexibility
  • Reduce stress concentrations and thus improve fatigue performance
  • Reduce costs by utilising thinner/less materials
  • Allow lower grade, lower cost materials to be used
  • Ensure products and components are safe

FEA of plastics

Our advanced Non-Linear FEA software allows plastics to be thoroughly analysed, allowing designs to be finely tuned and verified for high volume manufacture and ultimate performance. With plastic usage currently a hot topic, Haughton Design can analyse designs then provide advice or redesign the product to reduce weight and material volume to lower environmental impact and material usage.


FEA & Simulation reduces development time and prototype iterations

By using FEA throughout the process we greatly reduce development times. Creating 2D and 3D models and quickly running load case scenarios ensures components are correctly selected/sized and the overall design meets the product specification – before anything needs to be physically manufactured. This saves time and money by eliminating numerous loops of prototyping and testing.

Types of FEA and Simulation

We have fully trained mechanical design engineers who can provide the following FEA services:


Linear & Non-Linear FEA

  • Frequency Analysis
  • Buckling
  • Topology Layout Optimisation
  • Thermal Analysis with Radiation
  • Fatigue
  • Drop test Simulation
  • Pressure Vessel Analysis

Dynamic FEA

  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Transient Shock Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis

Static FEA

  • Static Simulation for Assembly
  • Kinematic Motion Analysis


  • Plastic Deformation
  • Mould Flow Analysis
  • Sink Mark Analysis


If you need help or want to discuss a potential FEA or Simulation requirement, please give us a call.

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